Town Highlights Energy Consumption Efforts, Proposes New Lights For West School & Heating System For Library

WILMINGTON, MA — During his recent annual budget message, Town Manager Jeff Hull highlighted several ways in which the town plans to continue to reduce energy consumption during Fiscal Year 2020 (July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020).

Lighting Project

“The Public Buildings Department will continue with efforts to improve the quality of both interior and exterior lights at the schools, while at the same time reducing electricity costs through replacement of existing fluorescent, incandescent and HID bulbs with high efficiency LED figures at the West Intermediate School,” announced Hull. The project would cost an estimated $100,000.

Systems Project

“Funds are earmarked for replacement of the heating system at the Wilmington Memorial Library. The existing heating system is original to the building, which was constructed in 1969,” explained Hull. The project would cost approximately $185,000. The new system would initially operate on heating oil, but would eventually switch over to natural gas if National Grid follows through with their potential plans to extend a gas line along Middlesex Avenue in front of the library.

Window Replacements

“Discussions will be taking place with key decision makers in the coming months about the use of the Facilities Master Plan as a guide for upgrades, expansion or replacement of several Town buildings over the next decade plus,” advised Hull. “Decisions about investing significant funds into window replacements, for example, must be based on the expected future useful life and plans for the buildings.”

Vehicle Replacements

Hull noted that the town has considered purchasing smaller, more energy efficient vehicles for use by administrative personnel who conduct inspections, home visits or field work. At this time, however, Hull doesn’t believe such purchases are prudent given the low annual mileage tallied by the personnel in question.

“The plan, for now, will be to transition former police SUVs to personnel who require daily access to a vehicle,” according to Hull.

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