Town Proposes $5 Million In Capital Improvements: Sidewalks, Water And Sewer Projects, & More

WILMINGTON, MA — Earlier this week, Town Manager Jeff Hull announced $5 million in capital improvements he’s proposed for Fiscal Year 2020, which begins July 1, 2019.

Noteworthy capital improvements proposed include:

Road Projects:

  • $84,000 to complete a sidewalk connection between Glen Road and Middlesex Avenue via Lawrence Street and Shady Lane Drive.
  • $100,000 to replace 2,300 linear feet of bituminous curbing with granite curbing along Middlesex Avenue, between Federal Street and First Avenue.
  • $155,000 to conduct Phase 1 of repaving the Woburn Street School parking lot. The second and final phase will take place the following year.

Water & Sewer Projects:

  • $90,000 for a hydrogeological study of the Salem Street wellfield, which has experienced a decline in water yield over recent years. The study will assess the available safe options, if any, for increasing water production.
  • $75,000 for cleaning of the main raw water main that transports untreated water to the town’s water treatment plants.
  • $856,000 for the removal of infiltration and inflow in the sewer lines, funded through a grant and zero interest loan from the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority.
  • $225,000 for the inspection, rehabilitation, and upgrade of the Ballardvale Water Storage Tank.
  • $100,000 for replacement of undersized water mains & removal of dead-end mains.

Vehicle & Equipment Purchases: 

  • $250,000 for 5 police cruisers. Existing cruisers will be passed down to detectives, Student Resource Officers, and other police personnel.
  • $180,000 for a bucket truck with a 75-foot extension arm for the Public Works Department, replacing a truck that is nineteen years old.
  • $72,000 for a one-ton heavy duty dump truck for the Public Works Department, replacing a truck that is a 2003 model with a blown motor.
  • $185,000 for a heavy duty 10-wheel dump truck with plow, replacing a 2005 dump truck with excessive corrosion and mechanical issues.
  • Replacement of the 10,000 gallon underground gasoline and diesel storage tanks at the Public Works garage.

Capital improvements associated with the school budget will be highlighted in a future article. Those improvements are included in the $5 million total.

Hull noted that these capital improvement projects will be paid from a variety of sources, including the tax levy ($1,850,000), MWRA Grant/Loan ($856,000), Chapter 90 state funds ($850,000), Water Department Funds ($775,000), and Free Cash Reserves ($751,000).

Voters will ultimately have the final say over these capital improvement requests at the Annual Town Meeting on Saturday, May 4, 2019 at 10:30am in the Wilmington High School Auditorium.

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