Selectmen Respond To False, ‘Ridiculous’ Rumors About Their Salary, Other Accusations

WILMINGTON, MA — At the end of Monday night’s Selectmen Meeting, Chair Kevin Caira took a few moments to dispel some false rumors concerning the board that are being spread on social media.

Caira first stressed that Selectmen do not receive a salary.

“There’s been someone circulating the ‘fact’ that the Board of Selectmen receive a salary. I don’t want to say lying, but that person is misinformed,” said Caira. “Selectmen do not get a salary. We get a $250 stipend for travel.”

Two Selectmen — Greg Bendel and Jonathan Eaton — said they choose not to accept the annual stipend. Selectman Ed Loud said he donates his stipend to veteran causes.

Caira then addressed the accusations that Selectmen accept bribes.

“To send out posts accusing us of putting our hands in the pockets of developers so we can get kitchens, cars, and scholarships is absolutely ridiculous,” said Caira. “It’s uncalled for… It’s becoming almost slanderous in some respects… It’s downright untrue.”

“People read these Facebook comments and, believe it or not, they believe them,” continued Caira. “It’s time to stop that stuff. I wish whoever is out there spreading these rumors would stop it. It’s shameful on your part for doing it. All the gentlemen up here are volunteers. We work hard and hope to do our best on behalf of the town.”

Selectman Mike McCoy thanked Caira for his comments. McCoy then called out a resident, without using their name, whom he said has disparaged him on Facebook with false accusations.

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One thought

  1. Whether I support or do not support any of the members on the BOS is irrelevant. But I do believe they all deserve annual compensation for a thankless job performed

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