BREAKING NEWS: Selectman Ed Loud Announces He’s Resigning From Board

WILMINGTON, MA — Selectman Ed Loud announced on Monday evening that he intends to resign from the Board of Selectmen at the end of the Board’s meeting scheduled for February 11, 2019, citing professional reasons for his unexpected departure.

“I was offered a position by a company located in Maryland that I simply cannot refuse,” explained Loud, who was elected to the Board of Selectmen in 2017. “When I rain for Selectman in 2017, I never could have predicted this employment opportunity would come along. Even though I will miss serving the residents of Wilmington, I am excited for how wonderful this new position will be for my family.”

In his new position, Loud will be required to spend a great deal of time outside of Wilmington, but he’ll continue to make Wilmington his home, acknowledging that he will be spending weekends, holidays, and family events here in town.

“I still plan to be a Wilmington resident and a Wilmington voter, and I expect to be at Town Meeting,” said Loud. “Technically, I could still serve as a Selectman, but personally, I don’t think it’s right to hold onto that seat without being accessible to the residents all week long. It’s just not the way I do things.”

When asked about the timing of his announcement, Loud replied, “I understand that I could wait until February 11th to make this announcement, but I want to be fair to the residents of Wilmington, and to anyone that might be interested in filling this seat. I intend to participate fully in matters before the board until I deliver a formal resignation to the Town. At that time, I will more formally acknowledge my colleagues on the Board, and to appropriately thank the residents of Wilmington for the opportunity to serve.

According to the town’s bylaws: “When a vacancy occurs among the selectmen by reason of death, resignation, change of residence from the town, or other disability, the remaining selectmen shall order a special election to be held not less than 65 days and not more than 90 days following the notification of the vacancy at which the voters shall elect a selectmen for the remainder of the unexpired term.”

Because the Town’s Annual Election, scheduled for April 27, falls within the 65-day to 90-day time frame, it’s expected that Loud’s seat, with his unexpired term of one year, will be decided at the regular Town Election. Town officials have not yet confirmed this, however.

The seats currently occupied by Selectmen Kevin Caira and Greg Bendel are already on the April 27th ballot. Both men have pulled nomination papers to seek re-election.


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