SELECTMEN NEWS: Big Issues To Be Discussed At Tonight’s Meeting (January 28)

WILMINGTON, MA — The Wilmington Board of Selectmen meets this Monday, January 28, 2019 at Town Hall (Room 9) at 7pm.

There are some noteworthy items on the agenda, including:

  • Selectmen will discuss correspondence from the Concerned Citizens of Wilmington. The group is demanding that Board of Appeals Chair Daniel Veerman recuse himself from any further involvement with the special permit application for 362 Middlesex Avenue. If Veerman will not voluntarily recuse himself, the citizens group wants the Board of Selectmen to step in and disqualify, suspend or remove him from his position.
  • Selectmen will consider establishing email addresses for board members.
  • WCTV Executive Director Shaun Neville will discuss the station’s channel realignment, FCC regulations, and local funding.
  • Selectmen will consider appointing new Assistant Town Manager Kerry Colburn-Dion to the Cable TV Advisory Task Force.
  • Selectmen will receive correspondence regarding the Governor’s proposed FY20 budget, the Economic Development Bond Bill, and the Brave Act.
  • Selectmen will consider the request of Health & Recovery Coordinator Samantha Reif, on behalf of the Wilmington Substance Abuse Coalition, to use the Town Common for a Candlelight Vigil on Sunday, September 29, from 5pm to 10pm, and to place signs and banners throughout Wilmington, and to illuminate the Town Common purple during the month of September in observance of National Recovery Month.
  • Selectmen will consider the request of the Wilmington Sons Of Italy to conduct an Antique and Collectors Car Show at the Town Common parking lot on Sunday, July 28, from 9am to 2pm.

The meeting will be telecast live by Wilmington Community Television on WCTV-Meetings — Channel 22 on Comcast and Channel 38 on Verizon.  The meeting will also be streamed on WCTV’s website HERE.

Wilmington Apple intends to report on many of the items above – and any other news that comes from the meeting — over the next two weeks. Wilmington Apple will live-tweet the meeting HERE.

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One thought

  1. Better get your popcorn ready! For what it’s worth, I understand why three members voted yes. I personally feel bad for the direct abutters and think they have genuine, valid concerns.

    To anyone who didn’t understand Veerman’s remark where he stated something like “Go blame President Bush, but he’s dead now”, he was referring to his passing of the ADA. The ADA (federal law, linked below) is why the detox facility may ultimately be allowed. Essentially, it’s out of the Board of Appeals’ hands at this point, so not sure what removing Veerman would accomplish. I find him to be a fair and thoughtful member of the board.

    It’s surprising, though, that no one got up to the microphone at the last meeting and asked, “Mr. Veerman, if a 3 day carnival was being proposed at 362 Middlesex, would you show more concern for the direct abutters?”

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