Windsor Place Of Wilmington Offers FREE Programs This January (Public Welcome)

WILMINGTON, MA — The following events are FREE and OPEN TO ALL (regardless of age) at Windsor Place of Wilmington (92 West Street) this January:

Wednesday, January 2
Art Matters Lecture with Beth Knaus
Topic: Art Keeps Us Human
11:00 am, Activity Room
Art teaches. Art communicates. Art has humor, adventure and passion. Art matters! People are the only living creatures who make art. It is a uniquely human activity and the sole reason we have an advanced civilization. We use visual images to communicate with one another as a species. Art transcends language, different cultures, time and distance. It keeps us connected to one another. It keeps us human. Join us for a mini-history of western civilization through art, from the caves to the shuttle, to see and understand how art and civilization depend upon each other. Be sure to bring your sense of humor and your sense of Human.

Monday, January 7 and 21
Chair Yoga with instructor Marianne Bergonzi
10:00 am, Activity Room
All are welcome to attend Marianne’s bi-monthly yoga class. Yoga is a study of your body, mind and breath. It is about learning how to undo unconscious repetitive patterns of movement that do not serve us well. Yoga teaches us how to open up the joints of our body and allow more supple movement of the spine, freeing ourselves of tension and stress. This class will last for 45 minutes.

Thursday, January 10
Slide-Illustrated Lecture with Michael Perry, Topic: March Scandinavian Holiday
11:00 am, Activity Room
Michael Perry, from Freeport, Maine takes you on a late winter visit to Finland and to Oslo, Norway. First we will cross country ski across Finland in the 34th annual Border to Border event, starting out near the Russian Border and skiing west 250 miles to the Swedish border over a seven day period. The beautiful snow-laden evergreen forest and vast farmland seem oddly misplaced as we follow along the Arctic Circle. Then we take the plane from Helsinki to the Capitol city of Norway, Oslo, for a full day of walking around and enjoying the sights. The crown jewel of Oslo is the artistic Oslo Opera House looking out over Oslo on its sloping roof with views over the water. We will also visit the Royal Palace, the Oslo Theater, the site of the annual Nobel Peace Prize award, the imposing fortress of Akershus dating back to 1308. Plus insights into native sons: playwright Henrik Ibsen and painter Edvard Munch. Inspiring photos, mixed with Michael’s warmth and humor, make this a fun program!

Friday, January 18
Gary Hylander Lecture
Topic: The Boston Police Strike Of 1919
11:00 am, Activity Room
Gary Hylander holds a Doctorate in Presidential History and is a scholar entirely
impassioned by his subject matter. He makes U.S. history come alive as he lectures each month. This month’s topic is: The Boston Police Strike of 1919. This year marks the centennial of the Boston Police Strike of 1919. Boston Patrolmen were rated among the finest law enforcement officers in the nation. Beneath the surface however, all was not well. Police stations were in disrepair, wages were low and the hours were long, in some cases almost 80 a week. When patrolmen voted to unionize and went on strike in 1919, their actions were condemned as subversive and radical. Most officers were fired. “There is no right to strike,” said Governor Coolidge, “against the public safety by anybody, anywhere, anytime.”

Tuesday, January 22
Abagail by Gail Presentation: Colonial Life for the 18th Century Family: The Tools of Survival
2:30 pm, Activity Room
In this session, Abigail describes how a colonial family provided for their basic needs. Using primary sources like the family’s probate inventory, learn about which items were important for survival and how they were made. Audience members are encouraged to explore reproduction artifacts just like those that were a part of everyday life. Explore the importance of craftsmen and imported goods. Discover how a family not only survived, but thrived!

Thursday, January 31
Ron Falong Lecture
Topic: China
11:00 am, Activity Room
International travel agent Ron Falong will share his expertise on traveling to China. Falong is a professional tour guide who has travelled to 42 countries and all 7 continents.

(NOTE: The above information is from Windsor Place of Wilmington.)

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