I’M LUCKY TO BE HERE: Selectman Ed Loud Thanks Wilmington First Responders For Saving His Life

WILMINGTON, MA – Selectman Ed Loud nearly died earlier this month.

“I’m lucky to be here,” Selectman Ed Loud announced at the beginning of Monday night’s Selectmen’s Meeting. “On Saturday, December 1, I went into cardiac arrest at 4:45am at my house… My daughter saved my life by starting compressions right away with the help of dispatch on the phone. Officer Kevin Skinner was first on the scene. He shocked me once and took over compressions until the paramedics and Fire Department showed up. I left my house with no heart beat. They revived me in the ambulance and rushed me to Lahey Clinic.”

Loud took a moment to thank the first responders who saved him.

“Kevin Skinner will be in my heart forever,” continued Loud. “Officer [Michael] Cabral and Lieutenant [Brian] Pupa were there and participated in saving my life. Kyle Skinner and George Robinson in the ambulance and Matt Tremblay and Paul Hedderson on the engine – they all participated in saving me. I can’t thank them enough.”

Loud thanked his colleagues and the community members who reached out to him upon hearing the news.

“Thank you for the outpouring of support,” said Loud. “I’m just super glad I’m here. I really wanted to here tonight. My chest and back are sore as hell, but it’s happy pain. I’m super happy to be here.”

“I’ve never been more glad to see you,” said Seletman Greg Bendel.

“I’m surprised to see you tonight, but I’m so glad you’re OK,” added Selectman Mike McCoy. “Thank God for your daughter being there.”

“I’m also really surprised to see you tonight, but pleasantly so,” chimed in Selectman Jonathan Eaton. “We’re glad you’re back. You’re a very important member of this board and you’re a good person who cares a lot about this community and your family. You’re a good guy.”

“It means a lot how heartfelt you all were [when you reached out],” responded Loud. “The caring you all expressed was just incredible.”

Loud noted he and his family plan to meet with the responders who saved his life.

“We’re lucky to have such compassionate and phenomenal firefighters and first responders,” said Loud. “I will be indebted to them forever.”

Selectman Ed Loud
Selectman Ed Loud at Monday night’s Selectmen’s Meeting, 9 days after suffering a cardiac arrest.

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