Outdoor Ice Skating Rink At Rotary Park Opening Very Soon, Rules Announced

WILMINGTON, MA — The public outdoor ice skating rink at Rotary Park is almost ready to open. The Town is just waiting on Mother Nature to cooperate.

“The rink is under construction as we speak,” Wilmington Recreation Director Karen Campbell told Wilmington Apple on Friday. “As soon as there’s an extended cold snap, DPW will fill it and let it freeze. People will then have access to it at no charge. ”

“We’re really excited to bring the rink to town,” added Campbell. “This is a Recreation Department-funded project.”

As the rink’s opening draws near, new details have emerged about what skaters can expect.

The rink’s rules were recently finalized:

  • Hours of operation are 8am to 9pm
  • No hockey on the rink – no hockey sticks or pucks
  • During free skate, users should skate counter-clockwise.
  • Beginners stay to the RIGHT.
  • Experienced skaters should perform jumps and turns in the center of the rink.
  • It is strongly recommended that younger or less experienced users wear elbow pads, wrist supports, and knee pads.
  • No horseplay or fighting.
  • No snowball throwing on rink.
  • Ice skates only.
  • All skaters under 13 years old must be accompanied by an adult.
  • No tobacco products, alcohol, or drugs are permitted in this facility.

In addition, the following warning, considered standard for such facilities, will be posted outside the rink:

“The public skating facility is used by both experienced and inexperienced skaters. Serious injury may result from falling or colliding. The Town of Wilmington does not assume responsibility for injuries or damages to personal property. This facility is made available In accordance with laws governing recreational use (MGL Chapter 21, Section 17c). Use of this facility is at your own risk.”

As previously reported, the rink is located directly across from the Wilmington Public Safety Building, on the Church Street side of Rotary Park. Purchased from NiceRink Outdoor Skating Rink System, the rink is 52 feet by 100 feet. A floodlight was installed on a nearby utility pole to better illuminate the rink.

Ice Skating Rink (Large)
The Public Outdoor Ice Skating Rink at Rotary Park, minus the ice.

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