Will Be 1 Of The Vendors At Wilmington Card Show In November

SOMERSET, N.J. — When a 1955 Bowman Mickey Mantle baseball card was pulled from its 63-year-old pack, there was pandemonium on the stage. That’s because it was the biggest hit to date for a young company, It also occurred on the biggest stage in the collecting world: the National Sports Collectors Convention in Cleveland on August 3.

The pristine card of the New York Yankees great, graded a PSA 9, has an estimate value of $50,000. It’s an iconic piece of American history that belongs to Baltimore collector Chris Rothe. Since the Mantle card was revealed, there has been a lot of buzz and a great deal of show and tell. co-owner and Just Collect, Inc., President Leighton Sheldon is holding onto the card and traveling to different card shows around the country. One of’s next big stops is the 32n d annual Greater Boston Sports Collectors Club (GCSCC) Sports Card & Memorabilia Show at the Shriner’s Auditorium in Wilmington on November 2-November 4.

Sheldon is hoping the Mantle card is a big draw in the Boston area like it has been in other cities around the United States.

“Folks will get a chance to see and take photographs of the famous card,” said Sheldon.

Along with witnessing first-hand the beautiful mint Mantle, anyone who stops by the booth will be in store for some exciting offers. Kids and first-time customers will have the shot to be included in free vintage pack openings. will also be running plenty of “breaks” during the GCSCC Sports Card & Memorabilia Show, similar to how the Mantle card was pulled. will feature packs/boxes that might have rookie cards of Tom Brady and Mookie Betts. “Break” has become one of the hottest words in sports card collecting. The word conjures up plenty of excitement. For those unfamiliar with the term, a break is when collectors pay a buy-in fee to be included when a specific pack, box or case of cards is opened. The 20-card cello pack that housed the Mantle card was a $500 per slot buy-in. Interested suitors are able to get into significantly less expensive breaks. For single pack breaks, collectors are randomly pre-assigned a number prior to a break and whichever card is revealed that’s what the person will get. During a box or case break, specific teams are assigned and customers get cards of any players that are pulled from that team. is leading the way in the industry with its innovative method of breaking cards. Most companies that hold breaks are opening modern-day packs. — which has its central office with its sister company, Just Collect, Inc., less than one mile from the Rutgers University campus — has immensely popular in just over one year. It has over 1,000 customers, with many in the Boston area, and reaches 18 countries worldwide. runs breaks four days a week: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. EST, as well as Wednesdays and Fridays from 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. EST.

Micky Mantle
1955 Bowman Mickey Mantle card

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