LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Michelle Dick & Tewksbury Selectman Brian Dick Endorse Robertson For State Rep

To the voters of Tewksbury and Wilmington,

As an active family in our community be it local sports, solid schools, or more, we take a heavy interest in the future of our towns. With a long family legacy, as owners of a local business, and as public employees and officials ourselves we have seen many folks enter the political world aiming to shape our town for the better. That is why after knowing and working with David Robertson for many years, we are happy to endorse him for our next State Representative.

Like many supporters in the community, we have known David and his family for many years, and we know what he stands for. David is in tune with our local feelings on state and regional issues, and will never vote against the interests of us. He has served hundreds, if not thousands, of constituents already and has taken part in solving both personal and town wide issues. Even before working for us on Beacon Hill, he was ingrained in our community volunteering. He understood that he is expected to give back to our town, and to borrow the old scout adage “leave things better than found.” That is why I also want to clear up some statements about him that unfairly lie about his beliefs, his character, and him as a person.

We are both disappointed and surprised at some of the negative and inaccurate campaign materials that have been recently circulating about David. This material contains little to no context and is far-reaching. We need a representative who has positive and upstanding character and will represent our communities and the people who live in them consistently. David is that candidate.

David has a long-standing record of civic duty and has had our interests at heart for nearly 10 years. He understands how people feel, what they need and he knows how to get things done.

This election is one of the most important ones in the previous decades for our beautiful part of the world. We have some very important decisions ahead of us and we need someone who has a record of showing interest in our towns, who has the experience, and who is in it for the right reasons. We respectfully ask that you join my family in voting for David this November 6th, so he may get to work for our communities.

Michelle and Brian Dick
Tewksbury, MA

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