STATE REP RACE: Robertson Calls Out ‘Attack Ad Built Upon A Lie,’ Clarifies Position On ICE

WILMINGTON, MA — Below is an op-ed written by 19th Middlesex State Representative candidate Dave Robertson (D-Wilmington):

Recently folks who opened up their local paper, or made a trip to their mailbox, might have noticed an attack ad against me. It’s flashy and obviously took lots of time and plenty of out-of-district money. Now, I am not bothered by attacks, as the democratic process is about holding people accountable, but what I am bothered by, as are many other voters, is when an attack ad is built upon a lie. My opponent assumes that district voters are naive and that they are incapable of seeing past a cherry-picked and modified quote regarding a hot-button issue. This is something the democratic process cannot abide.

Since day one, I have always stood against sanctuary cities, drivers licenses for people here illegally, and even much-discussed idea of giving voting rights to any resident regardless of citizenship. In fact, in terms of candidates, I have taken the most outspoken stances against people who have broken our immigration laws and I am the only one who has commented towards any sort of plan the federal government could take to solve this (I am a fan of one similar to one Ronald Reagan enacted). Other than my own, not one comment has been made by other candidates on drivers licenses nor voting rights for those evading our immigration laws. So where did this current “ICE is disgraceful” attack upon yours truly stem from? Well, it surgically removed from this larger and more cohesive quote, published by me, in the Wilmington Apple. It reads as follows:

“ICE is unbelievably broken and disgraceful when compared to itself years ago”

To me, ICE is in need of reform; not abolition, nor reduction. ICE needs further investment and an immediate change for the better. I believe in calling on our federal officials to fund ICE to to the required levels, to not lose account of 1,475 children, to alleviate the crippling backlogs. These pragmatic views are not opposing ICE, in fact it is promoting ICE. It is raising the bar. I would now like to ask my opponent if she thinks ICE has been doing as good as a job as it did prior. It is acceptable to lose children? Are the backlogs measured in years evidence of an organization that has the support it deserves? Are we really okay with that as a nation, state, and community? Apparently it is better to settle and ignore glaring issues and needless bureacracy, rather than examining an agency to promote successful practices. I believe in changing failing policy and creating more efficient processes. I hope this same mindset of “all is well” doesn’t follow to their stances on the RMV, MBTA, or State Police.

That being said; let’s look at the most important quotes of my response, this time not shortened to serve a false agenda.

  • “I believe that Massachusetts will harm itself as a sanctuary state”
  • “People who came here legally are Americans, and it is our duty to welcome them and support them”
  • “I believe businesses should be imposed to strict penalties for hiring folks illegally and that we should also not grant drivers licenses”
  • “I also stand strongly against any local ordinances that would grant people living illegally the right to vote”

Don’t be fooled folks, I have lived and worked among these towns for nearly three decades. I know what you want, and will always vote to represent your beliefs and, most importantly, I will always represent the truth to you.

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14 thoughts

  1. This, without a doubt, was the dirtiest, most nasty campaign I have ever witnessed for local politics and I have lived in in the District all of my life. I have been shocked by it all and am disgusted. Don’t we all have the same goal? I for one, am DONE with even thinking of politics. It all makes me sick. Let’s ruin everyone so we can rise to the top? That’s a good way to win, right? How about win on your own merit? Same people, same fake names, same ghosts, just so childish. Same agendas.

  2. This is how this is done. Lies die in the light. Don’t let this kind of bush league nonsense pass. The voters in Tewksbury and Wilmington know exactly who each of these candidates are. And what that means. Vote Robertson!

  3. Thank you Mr. Robertson. When I see some of these things being posted it boggles my mind. Fake accounts, nasty name calling and so much more. Thank you for not stooping to their level. If I’m correct these photoshopped images and false advertising is all coming from a Republican group.

  4. “ICE is unbelievably broken and disgraceful when compared to itself years ago”

    You lost my vote because you piss on law enforcement.

    Your other words are geared to swaying moderates but your disdain for law enforcement is clear.

    You are unqualified for office.

    1. BostonBob clearly didn’t even read Mr. Robertson’s statement. Perfect attention span for a voter. Don’t fall for the lies!

  5. Well said Dave. You are absolutely correct about ICE. Any agency that can be used by the President to take children away from their parents and keep them in jails needs reform. Reform, not elimination? And if anyone that can’t see that I wonder if they have no soul. And the courts obviously agreed that ti was wrong and order ICE to return thos children to their parents. Still some in jail because they can’t and may never find their parents. I am not surprised by the opposing side. I wouldn’t be surprised if they aren’t responsible for all the anonymous negative campaigning in the primary. Glad you have risen above it all, shows character.

  6. All I know is this

    if you are a Democrat …

    You care more about illegal aliens than Americans

    You hate Law enforcement until you need them

    You promote violence against your opponents … silence is supporting violence

    You believe the government spends your money better than you

    Every Democrat is either a victim or has a grievance and it’s always someone else’s fault

    you believe all people are racists unless they believe what you believe

  7. I’d say all of it is incorrect.

    You care more about illegal aliens than Americans
    No- I can care equally about American citizens and people being here in this country who are trying to make a better life for themselves and their families

    You hate Law enforcement until you need them- nope again. I care about law enforcement officers and want to make sure they are able to safely do their jobs. I also understand that its the systems that allow bad apples to remain in place and those systems need to get fixed

    You promote violence against your opponents … silence is supporting violence
    I don’t support violence against my opponents. I don’t think of Republicans as my opponents. I think of them as Americans with different points of view, not opponents.

    You believe the government spends your money better than you- I understand how government works. And that I can spend 3 cents every year from my taxes, and have 1 million kids eat lunch through govt funded programs. Or I can spend 500 bucks a year and have 1 kid eat school lunch, same goes with defense spending, and social security and medicare and medicaid.

    Every Democrat is either a victim or has a grievance and it’s always someone else’s fault. I’m not a victim- but it is a bit ironic that this one is written down since it does seem like any time I see a talking head on Fox news, everything is always some groups fault and thats why you, Joe American, are suffering. That seems a bit victim-ey to me.

    you believe all people are racists unless they believe what you believe. No I believe most people are good people. But when someone uses an ethnic slur, I believe they are showing me who they are deep down

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