SCHOOL COMMITTEE NEWS: Read The Wilmington Middle School Improvement Plan

WILMINGTON, MA — Interim Wilmington Middle School Principal Kevin Welch recently presented the Middle School’s Annual Improvement Plan to the School Committee, with an emphasis on student learning, social emotional learning, and professional development.

“Wilmington Middle School established student learning goals, professional practice goals, and aligned social emotional learning goals with the districts to create a school improvement plan for the 2018-2019 school year based on the research conducted during the summer leadership summit,” Welch wrote in his presentation. “Much of the work focuses on incorporating needed skills, accommodations and remediation through instructional practices. The MARC program is a research-based curriculum that will provide staff and students of the Wilmington Middle School Community the social emotional skills they need to be capable of handling circumstances, all while continuing to develop our leadership team and addressing communication deficiencies.”

Student Learning Goal

Wilmington Middle School will work on closing the achievement gap by evaluating its current Multiple Tier Support System. In year one, the school will be establishing a baseline of what interventions currently exist and deficiencies they possess. The goal is to increase overall student achievement and provide student instruction in the least restrictive environment and to increase usage of DCAP accommodations, focusing on making sure there are appropriate services for students.

Action Steps:

  • Construct pre-referral flow chart
  • Administer stakeholder surveys (parents & teachers)
  • Evaluate instructional support team
  • Analyze and research resource challenges
  • Evaluate schedules for modifications or adjustments
  • Ongoing professional development of district curriculum accommodation plan, 504, multi-teir systems of support

Social Emotional Learning Goal

Wilmington Middle School will promote positive behaviors and decrease bullying by establishing a greater core social emotional support in the school, classrooms and community, as it continues to implement Massachusetts Aggression Reduction Center (MARC) curriculum to all students. The MARC program is a research-based curriculum that will provide staff and students of the Wilmington Middle School community the skills they need to be capable of handling situations that arise.

Action Steps:

  • Continued training on MARC curriculum
  • Increase the knowledge and awareness of bullying and cyberbullying by utilizing lessons from the MARC program
  • Increase the knowledge and awareness of suicide and preventive measures by implementing lessons from the Signs of Suicide program
  • Educate staff and the community on the benefits of student social emotional learning in the classrooms
  • Increase positive school climate through increased use of PBIS across teams and grade levels. Relationship mapping will be revamped and reinstituted.
  • Pre/post student surveys will be conducted

Professional Practice Goal

The Wilmington Middle School administration team will work on addressing timely communication deficiencies throughout the entire school community. Through this improved communication, this can help to develop a stronger school culture of cooperation and teamwork among administration, staff and community.

Action Steps:

  • Utilize protected time: Administration meeting weekly to discuss Wilmington Middle School community current events
  • Chain of communication committee
  • Continue to work with the Success Committee to establish a stronger school community
  • Focus on instructional practices and classroom management that empowers teachers to create systems within their classes to create authentic classrooms that include classroom consequences to develop authority and responsibility
  • Share positive Wilmington Middle School experiences to the community through weekly newsletter, social media and simple sign displays
  • Foster an environment for developing an open discourse between staff and administration to develop strategies for student success
  • Provide staff professional development to improve digital communication skills as the Middle School transitions to a 1:1 school

The Wilmington School Committee unanimously approved the plan.

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