Lowell St. Sewer Extension Project Almost Complete; Road To Be Back To Normal By November 15

WILMINGTON, MA — The Wilmington Board of Selectmen recently received an update on the sewer extension project on Lowell Street that has been causing drivers headaches for many months.

“As you drive down Lowell Street, it’s horrible. Vehicles are bounces everywhere,” said Selectman Mike McCoy, who previously raised his concerns on the road’s current dangerous condition. “I just want to see [the work] get done. It’s horrible driving up and down that road. It’s been almost a full year since they started digging that road up.”

The sewer extension project is being performed by a private contractor who is extending the sewer line for future development of 168 Lowell Street (formerly Walpole Woodworking). The project runs from that property to the intersection of Lowell Street and Woburn Street, mostly in the eastbound lane.

“The [project] is in its final stages of construction,” wrote Alunni in a memo to Selectmen. “The remaining work includes the final two force main connections at the intersection; the contractor anticipates one full work day remains to complete this work. Afterwards, the permanent pavement installation for the entire length of the trench-work will commence. The existing temporary pavement patch will be milled (1.5-inch minimum depth) to 1 FT outside the limits of excavation within the roadway surface.”

According to town officials, the project must be completed no later than November 15. Town Manager Jeff Hull suggested the work will likely be completed on or around November 1. If the project is not completed by November 15, the DPW will “pursue all means necessary to complete the work at the proponent’s expense.”

The proponent of the project provided the town with a $10,000 performance bond. The Town will hold the bond for one year after the final paving is complete to ensure the roadway surface is acceptable.

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