Wilmington’s Walking School Bus Program Remains Popular, To Expand To North & West

WILMINGTON, MA — Wilmington Public Schools Health & Phyical Education Liasion Laura Stinson and Wilmington Police Department Safety Officer Brian Moon recently updated the School Committee on the district’s walking school bus program.

After a permission slip process, participating children get on to their regular school bus at their regular stop on the day of the event. These students are then dropped off at a designated spot, approximately 0.5 miles from the school. The students and teacher chaperones, accompanied by police, then walk to school, often with lots of passerbyers giving encouraging waves and honks. Students receive both a positive social experience and some physical activity.

“It’s been a great success… The children love it,” said Stinson. “We’ve done three walking school bus events at the Woburn Street. Last spring, we did one at the Shawsheen. The kids have really enjoyed them.”

Stinson noted fall walking school bus events were organized again for the Woburn Street on October 3 and the Shawsheen on October 10.

“The intent is to expand the program in the spring to the West & the North,” announced Stinson. “We still need to meet with Principals McMeinmen & Shaw… but we will continue to expand the program. In the future, we hope to have quite a few in the fall and the spring in as many schools as possible.”

“The program is getting more and more popular,” added Moon. 

Stinson and Moon thanked the School Committee for allowing them to bring the walking school bus program to the district. Committee members were invited to join in on a walk.

“This is a great program. I’m glad you’ve kept it up,” responded School Committee member Steve Bjork. “Any plans to expand it to the High School?”

“We would like to look at having a Wilmington Walk to School Day, but don’t know if that’s something we can entertain across the district. It’s something to think about,” answered Stinson.

“We’re excited for this program. I hope you continue to post pictures. They’re really cute to see,” said School Committee Chair Julie Broussard.

The Wilmington Police Department shared photos and videos from the Woburn Street School’s Walking School Bus event on October 3:

Walking School Bus at WSS

More photos from the walk, courtesy of the Wilmington Police Department, can be found HERE.

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