‘Concerned Citizens Of Wilmington’ Set Up A GoFundMe Page As They “Fight For Their Neighborhood”

WILMINGTON, MA — Below is a message from the Concerned Citizens of Wilmington:

The residents of North Wilmington have been working tirelessly to make sure a “for profit” detoxification center is not placed in a densely populated residential area. “It’s the right idea, but the WRONG location!”

At a special town meeting held December 15, 2017, residents voted overwhelmingly to designate all medical facilities to industrial like areas. Unfortunately, the proposer of this project filed prior to this vote to be grandfathered under the old bylaw, allowing him to proceed with his plan.

We, as several neighborhoods, strongly feel such a business would bring a myriad of serious issues for residents and small businesses in the area, and put some of our most vulnerable residents at risk and limit their ability to access their community safely.

We have started this GoFundMe account to assist in our fight for our neighborhoods! Monies generated will go towards expenses of signs, flyers, advertisements, consults with professionals, etc. We would be grateful for any donation you might be able to afford. Donate HERE.

The fight is not OVER!

Please attend the Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting currently scheduled for Wednesday, October 17, 2018 at 7pm at Town Hall!

Since this case has been chronically postponed over the past several months, please check out our Facebook page for updates.


The Concerned Citizens of Wilmington

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11 thoughts

  1. This is exactly what we are dealing with in Tewksbury! “Into Profit Recovery” snuck into a neighborhood and is now running a house and making a lot of money while creating fear for their neighbors! If you want to end this kind of destructive development, vote Pina Prinzivalli on November 6th!

    1. Into Action Recovery is amazing! Megan, your comment is rude saying they are into profit. It’s so not true, this non profit was put together by grieving families who lost a loved one. A sober home is a place that after detox they can go, to live a life with others who are experiencing the same disease. Pina has no experience in politics and can only make a few statements herself before her finance takes over.

      1. This isn’t a sober home they are proposing in Wilmington it’s a detox center two VERY different things. Not sure why it became a political post?

  2. I don’t care what they say they were to do what they did was bring more drug people to tewksbury. After 40 years of meatball miceli we’ve all have enough. get out and vote. vote with you gut vote angry!!1

  3. Ok so I get the thinking here, “look I know there’s an opioid crisis and its very prevalent in this town, but its not happening to me so I doubt give a what you dang junkies!”

    Honestly as a citizen I’m concerned at how heartless you can be. People addicted to drugs aren’t subversives, they’re people that need help and they’re in your neighborhood already

  4. The voters of Wilmington should be pressuring our Town officials to enter into negotiations with the property owner and proponent of the detox center. If people want to stop the detox center then the town should make the proponent an offer that he would have to be completely foolishish to reject. My proposal for the town officials is to negotiate with the property owner and propose that the town take ownership of the property and in return give the proponent a zoning change at his other property for a mixed use development that would be commercial (first floor), office space (2nd floor), senior housing and veteran’s housing on the 3rd floor and 4th floors, and luxury housing on the 5th floor and 6th floors with gardens on the roof. If a tax incentive is needed then give him that also. The Town should then go to the state and federal government for funding to build a high quality train station and eatery on the site that is now slated for a detox center. Let Wilmington residents and taxpayers (that are paying about $400,000 per year to the state to have 2 train stations) have a place to go to be sheltered from the weather. The train station could also have additional floors for senior housing that is so desperately needed. I would even be in favor of a deal with the Whitefield school site, however, a site owned by the town would have to most likely go out for competitive bid.

  5. But can you put a large enough septic system there to handle 6 floors of use? Or all of the beds in the detox center? And to those who call opponents of the center heartless, you should realize that many people object to the location (next to a train station,in a residential area and across the street from a store that sells liquor) and not the project itself. The Ballardvale area would be much better. Or maybe where the old Textron building is on 129. But not in North Wilmington.

    1. RSF, The Town would have to work with the developer and the State delegation to obtain funding for a sewer line to service the site. The proposed detox site is not the site that I was talking about building the mixed use units. I believe the best place for a detox facility is at the Tewksbury State Hospital grounds. The current site is the site I would propose using for building a train station with an eatery.

  6. Thank you for the clarification,Kevin. A train station with an eatery makes much more sense there than a detox facility. But what makes sense isn’t always what ends up happening.

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