STUDENT SPOTLIGHT: 52 Wilmington Students Named To Dean’s List At UMass Lowell

LOWELL, MA— The following Wilmington students were recently named to the Dean’s List at UMass Lowell for their academic performance during the Spring 2018 semester:

  • Jacqueline Adams
  • Cameron Albert
  • William Ammon
  • Dishan Bagayao
  • Danielle Baldi
  • Caitlin Baranow
  • Gina Barbaro
  • Regina Bean
  • Connor Bennett
  • Liam Bennett
  • Moesha Jane Beray
  • Jamil Bhatti
  • Tyler Burnett
  • Stephanie Cannata
  • Cristina Cheng
  • Alyssa Cieplik
  • Katie Colombo
  • Amanda DeLucia
  • Rachele DiFava
  • William Dorion
  • Alyson Downs
  • Rachel Driscoll
  • Devin Field
  • Alexander Frye
  • Eric Gewlas
  • Eric Grabar
  • Stephen Halas
  • Brian Healy
  • Ryan Horgan
  • Shannon Horgan
  • MaRyea Jennings
  • Shadi Khalil
  • Zion Ko
  • Tommy Le
  • Darren LeBlanc
  • Leah Leite
  • Michael Lulsdorf
  • Alana Madore
  • Adam Maienza
  • Kevin McNamara
  • Tyler Peters
  • Mark Price
  • Liam Reynolds
  • Christopher Romano
  • Raymond Russell
  • Julia Shifrin
  • Elizabeth Slavkovsky
  • James Stein
  • Jocelyn Sullivan
  • Ashik Sunny
  • Brianna Tavares
  • Kaitlin Whiteman

To qualify for the Dean’s List at UMass Lowell, a student must have completed no fewer than 12 graded credits for the semester and earned at least a 3.25 GPA with no grade lower than C and without any incompletes.

(NOTE: The above announcement is from UMass Lowell.)

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