LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Prinzivalli Is A Friend To The Taxpayer, Opposes Becoming A Sanctuary State

Dear Editor,

I am writing to congratulate Pina Prinzivalli on winning the Republican Primary with 72% of the vote.

Pina has now been on the campaign trail for 11 months. She is the only candidate who had the courage to run when it wasn’t an open seat. Pina Prinzivalli stepped up to advance the idea of putting the taxpayers first, and when people told her she had no chance, she launched her campaign in October. She began collecting signatures to lower our sales tax and create a permanent sales tax holiday weekend, and also collected signatures to stop taxpayer funding of abortion. Pina began knocking on thousands of doors last winter.

This spring, Pina joined the fight with U.S. Senate Candidate Rep Geoff Diehl, Rep Jim Lyons (both Geoff and Jim have endorsed Pina), and Jeff Kuhner to push to impeach Judge Timothy Feeley, who set a heroin dealer free, despite dealing death to countless families. From day one, Pina has been a bold NO to Massachusetts becoming a Sanctuary State.

Now, nearly a year after her launch, I cannot wait until November 6 to vote for Pina Prinzivalli to become our next State Representative in Tewksbury and Wilmington.

Bob McKenna

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One thought

  1. With this candidate I see eye to eye on about 8 issues and two of them are in this article. There is an overriding issue that the people of the 19th district need to also be aware of and that is she supports Governor Baker’s Housing Choice Bill that changes town approve at town meeting for 2/3 to a simple majority vote. Builders need another tool of development like I need a hole in the head. We will see how the voters in both towns feel about this come election day.

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