LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Support The Diehl & Prinzivalli Ticket On November 6

Dear Editor,

On Tuesday, November 6, I will be voting for the Diehl and Prinzivalli Ticket.

Rep. Geoff Diehl began his campaign for U.S. Senate in April 2017. Geoff has been all across Massachusetts, visiting the communities, including Tewksbury and Wilmington. Geoff wants to go to Washington to put all of us in Massachusetts FIRST. Geoff has a plan to fix the problems we deal with each day, such as the opioid crisis, illegal immigration, and meeting all the needs of our veterans. In short, Geoff will assist instead of resist like Elizabeth Warren.

Pina Prinzivalli began her campaign to become State Representative in Tewksbury and Wilmington in October 2017, and is the only person in this race who has worked to cut taxes, create a permanent sales tax holiday weekend, and stop taxpayer funding of abortions. Pina is 100% taxpayers first, 100% pro-life, 100% pro-2nd Amendment, and 100% against Massachusetts becoming a sanctuary state. I look forward to Pina working alongside Reps Jim Lyons, Marc Lombardo, and Shaunna O’Connell when the new session begins in January.


Joe Dunn

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3 thoughts

  1. to the people of the 19th District: a lesson on how to run a campaign to win. Ms Prinzivalli is running against Dave Robertson which has nothing to do with the Senate race but her only way to win is to equate herself with Jeff “Bad Deal” Diehl and Dave with Senator Warren which nothing could be further from the truth. Dave Robertson is a BLUE DOG Democrat concerned about the people of the 19th District and Senator Warren is a LIBERAL Democrat running for President in 2020. Choose Wisely my friends…

  2. Joe,
    So she is for the government in making the victim of rape or incest legally obligated to carry to full term or face criminal charges? How about in cases of LIFE of the Mother. Shouldn’t that be between the parents and a doctor?

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