SCHOOL COMMITTEE NEWS: Superintendent Brand Announces His 3 Major Goals For The 2018-2019 School Year

WILMINGTON, MA — At last week’s School Committee Meeting, Wilmington Superintendent of Schools Dr. Glenn Brand recommended three significant goals he hopes to achieved during his first year in the position.

Brand’s first goal is to complete the Superintendent’s Entry Plan.

“As previously proposed to the community, it will be my intention to complete a full report of entry findings to the School Committee and community,” wrote Brand in his memo to the School Committee. “The data collection associated with this process has begun with individual interviews and will continue through early fall with surveys as well as staff, student and community meetings. The data will be assembled into a report that will include a summary of the findings and recommendations based upon the variety of feedback gathered.”

Brand’s second goal is to implement the Coordinated Program Review (C.P.R.) Corrective Action Plan.

“The district recently participated in the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s Coordinated Program Review,” announced Brand. “This review covered a variety of areas of the district’s programs and services that included Special Education, Civil Rights requirements, and English Language Education (ELE). The final report, along with a set of corrective actions, have been provided to the district and necessitate our full district’s attention and response that far exceeds the work of the Student Services Department alone… This proposed goal will include progress monitoring, and mid-year report and end-of-year summary of the work that has been completed in compliance with our obligations.”

Brand’s third goal is to develop a new Strategic Plan for the district.

“The Wilmington Public Schools’ most recent strategic planned spanned the years 2015 to 2018. As such, the former plan effectively expired at the end of the 2017-2018 school year,” explained Brand. “It is therefore timely that work begin anew as we take careful stock of where we currently are as a school district and look toward the immediate and long-term future. As a result, I am proposing that I oversee a process that will involve stakeholders throughout our community to embark upon developing our new strategic plan that will establish the foundation for our district goals and priorities.”

According to Brand, the plan will be presented to the School Committee to approval prior to the end of the current school year. A call for volunteers to serve on the Committee, both from within the school district and the community, will likely take place around December 1, with the committee’s work commencing in mid-January and ending in late May/early June.

These three proposed goals will be voted upon by the School Committee at a future meeting and directly tie-in to the criteria used in the Committee’s end-of-the-school-year evaluation of the Superintendent’s performance.

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