LETTER TO THE EDITOR: State Rep. Candidate Dave Robertson Thanks His Supporters & The Voters

To the voters and residents of the 19th Middlesex,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to earn your vote in the general election. Many months ago I entered the race eager and ready to present a list of challenges, and solutions to them, to our towns. Given the number of qualified candidates, political climate, and more, I would be lying to you if I said I wasn’t cautious, yet still optimistic. I knew our odds were good, but it was a crowded field with decades of political experience in all capacities among the candidates, and it would be a tough race.

But as the campaign moved forward I met more and more of you; my neighbors, business owners, teachers, coaches, retirees, veterans, and more. Every person I met gave me a different perspective, idea, opinion, and most importantly, hope. As I touched upon in a talk to a group of supporters I felt great after a busy father, returning from work on a Saturday, took time to disagree with me as I was doorknocking. It was civil, but for a tradesmen exhausted and filthy from a days work on a roof to take time to stop and have a conversation was, in a strange way, an honor. It meant that he, in all that he had to do after a tough day, thought it was worth his time to hear me out. To me, that meant the world.

As we move towards November, I look forward to meeting more of you, and seeing what I can do to help you and your families, friends, and neighbors of your own.

I would be amiss if I did not thank my campaign committee, volunteers, and supporters. Without them and their literal countless hours of work I would not have the privilege of writing this letter. I would also like to thank not only the folks who placed their trust in me with their vote, but to thank all voters in the primary elections. Primary elections can sometimes be overlooked, but they are important, and for those who took the time to support any candidate by holding signs, calling, or voting I thank you. Even if your candidate didn’t win, the process of voting is important in keeping candidates held to their district’s beliefs and ideas, which makes our hometowns even better.

I look forward to meeting and talking to many of you as we move to the general election. Until then, thank you again, and best wishes.

David A. Robertson

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