STATE REP RACE: Photos From Election Day

WILMINGTON, MA & TEWKSBURY, MA — Wilmington Apple was out and about at some of the polling locations during Tuesday’s Primary Election. Supporters for each of the 19th Middlesex State Representative candidate were out in full force.

Sherry Hubbard & Patrick Holland support Mark Kratman. “Mark is a good guy who can get things done. He’s accomplished a lot for his community. He’s always there for you.”
Linda Adams, Scott Counsal, James Duffy & Mary Ellen Cooper (x2) support Dave Robertson. “Dave has worked for Jim for 10 years. He already knows the legislative process. He shares the same passion for constituent services as Jim.”
Paul Forrest supports Mike McCoy. “Mike does so much for Wilmington. He’s been a Selectman for over 20 years. He is his own person. He’s not a puppet on a string.”
Ryan Maynes & Stephen Caruso support Erika Johnson. “Erika has a platform I believe in. She’ll bring positive change. She has an unencumbered voice with no ties to past administrations.”
Mary Milano and Jen Kennedy support Judy O’COnnell. “I believe in Judy’s message. She’s the right person for the job… She’s for the people. She always does the right thing.”
Bob McKenna supports Pina Prinzivalli. “She’s new, young fresh blood. She’ll help stop the one-party monopoly at the State House.” Keith Pettengill supports Dave Robertson. “Dave knows how to get things done. He’s done the work [as Legislative Aide] for years.”
Ray Lisiecki supports Mark Kratman. “Mark has such a commitment to the town. He’ll do a great job for both Tewksbury and Wilmington.”
Paula Samatis & Maeve Kennedy support Judy O’Connell.
Alicia Johnson supports her daughter, Erika. “She will be a new bold voice. She’s had this passion since college after being Miceli’s intern.”
Donna Higgins supports Mark Kramtan. “Mark’s commitment to service and community is so admirable on a Selectman level. He’ll bring the same work ethic and values to the State House.”
Selectman Jonathan Eaton and Maryann Donovan support Judy O’Connell. “She’s a candidate that listens and takes the time to give thoughtful responses. Her background in education, business and government will serve Tewksbury & Wilmington well at the State House.”
Robin Theodos, the Robinson Family, the West Family, the O’Mahony Family, Jackie Reberio, and Ted Szabo support Dave Robertson. “Dave is the only candidate with experience at the State House.”
Ed Thompson and company are supporting Mike McCoy. “Mike is a longtime friend. No one works harder for the residents of Wilmington.”
Jane Spanos supports Pina Prinzivalli. “She’s a very good candidate who represents change more so than any other candidate in the race.”
Campaign Manager Gary DePalma, Jomarie O’Mahony, Nancy Reed, Dave Robertson, Karen West, Campaign Treasurer Jesse Fennelly, & Elderly Services Commissioner Robin Theodos celebrate victory at Wamesit Lanes.
Dave Robertson, former Selectman Frank West, Elderly Services Commissioner John Wallace, and Tewksbury Board of Health member George Ferdinand celebrate at Wamesit Lanes.

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