CLASSROOMS AS HOT AS 99 DEGREES: Superintendent Brand Explains Rationale Behind Back-To-Back Early Releases

WILMINGTON, MA — During Wednesday’s Wilmington School Committee Meeting, School Superintendent Dr. Glenn Brand took a few minutes to explain his decision to approve early releases for Wilmington schools on Wednesday and Thursday.

“The week has proved quite challenging due to the climate conditions,” began Brand. “I want to take this opportunity to share with the community some of the thinking and thought process that goes into deviating from the regular schedule.”

“I’ve been in close contact with a number of folks throughout the district, members of the leadership team, and our director of nursing, as well as [Public Buildings Director] George Hooper, who have been providing data and feedback,” continued Brand. “As members of the community know, we are certainly not unlike other districts whereby most of our buildings do not have air conditioning. These excessive conditions have made things very challenging.”

“It is no exaggeration to say there’s been a number of classrooms that were in the 90’s, and some even at 99 degrees,” noted Brand. “It’s been been oppressive. Efforts to try to remediate by, for example, leaving windows open, as you might imagine, have done little to bring down the temperature. As a teacher, I remember vividly, when you bring into the classroom any age of student, the heat just doesn’t have a chance to dissipate.”

“[Shortening the day] is something that’s not taken lightly,” added Brand. “This clearly has had an impact on instructional time.”

Brand emphasized he made his decision to abbreviate the school days on Wednesday and Thursday based on what he thought was best for the well-being of Wilmington’s students and staff.

School Committee members opted not to ask any questions or offer any comments.

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