BREAKING NEWS: 19-Year-Old Drowns At Silver Lake

WILMINGTON, MA — Middlesex County District Attorney Marian Ryan issued the following statement regarding a fatal drowning today in Wilmington:

Today at approximately 5:30 p.m., Wilmington Police and Fire responded to a report of a possible drowning at Silver Lake. Upon arrival, police learned that the victim, a 19-year-old male had gone under water while swimming with relatives and not come back up. The preliminary investigation suggest that good samaritans on the beach attempted to rescue him but were unsuccessful. First responders were able to locate the victim and provide life saving efforts. The victim was subsequently transported to Winchester Hospital where he was pronounced deceased. The Medical Examiner will determine cause and manner of death. As foul play is not suspected, the identity of the victim will not be released by this office.

(NOTE: The above announcement was shared by the Wilmington Police Department. Cover photo from Airgoz Aerial Photography.)

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9 thoughts

  1. My deepest sympathy to the victims family. My cousin died as a result of drowning around the same age. This is so sad and will be for a long time. May God gift them with faith and comfort.
    It was reported that there would be no more life guards at the beach. What is the status on this? Why does the Town have 70 million dollars in the banks and a beach is left unprotected. Why is there not a fire department person at the beach especially when the temperatures are this hot. If the department has a boat and fire department staff are EMT’s and competent at rescues, Why is it that the boat is parked at the station and not at the lake? The Selectmen and the manager should be called to the carpet on this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Kevin, it’s always been this way. No lifeguards, swim at your own risk after a particular date in August. Also, people have been told not to swim outside the beach area when on the beach.

  2. Please folks during such a sad and tragic ordeal in our town is it really necessary to tell someone “shut up”? Everyone has a right to their opinion and if what Kevin is saying could’ve saved this young boy then there is nothing wrong with that.

    1. Lisa,

      Kevin spends all of his free time crapping all over first responders and how much money we spend. If we did have people there all year long, he’d be at town meetings and BOS meetings whining and moaning and pissing on that.

  3. You each have your opinions and clearly very different.. however none of it should be put out on the patch comment section of a young man who lost his life so senselessly. My thoughts and prayers are with the family in this very sad and difficult time~

  4. I’m a embarrassed to even be taking time to comment on this tragedy, but people, Please have some respect & morals for the family, stop using this poor mans death as a way to complain & bash what you feel. Keep it to yourself instead of social media, patch, etc.

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