STUDENT SPOTLIGHT: 42 Wilmington Students Named To Dean’s List & Merit List At Middlesex Community College

BEDFORD, MA — Middlesex Community College recently released the names of Wilmington students who made the Spring 2018 Dean’s List and Merit List:

Dean’s List:

  • Marcelle Angeli O. Alcos
  • John C. Baker
  • Taylor R. Brownell
  • Steven J. Cannata Jr.
  • Jason P. Donahue
  • Brianna S. Fernandes
  • Mitchell A. Fisher
  • Scott Gordon
  • Mikayla M. Grassia
  • Danielle E. Hebert
  • Marketa Lekesova
  • Sarah K. McSheehy
  • Allan V. Miranda
  • Kristina M. Nicoli
  • MacKenzie R. Roberts
  • Valerie A. Rose
  • Daniel R. Smalley
  • Cameron C. Yuen

Merit List (Dean’s List To Part-Time Students):

  • Danielle Baldi
  • Kayla A. Falter
  • Kyle Felisberto
  • Marlon W. Felisberto
  • Jorge A. Fernandez
  • Jason Frongillo
  • Tirza N. Fucile
  • Marissa L. Hanley
  • Andrew J. Lesperance
  • Victoria L. Maney
  • Deborah J. McGondel
  • Katie McManus
  • Melissa A. McNamara
  • Alexis V. Papagelis
  • Alexis R. Parsons
  • Timothy J. Patrie
  • Richard J. Price
  • Lillian See
  • Alyssa Smalley
  • Meghan C. Stemmler
  • Ashleigh N. Sullivan
  • Kristen A. Sullivan
  • Kathleen M. Visalli
  • Landry M. Westrich

To be eligible for the Deans’s List, full-time students must earn a 3.2 or higher GPA without D, F, I or IP grades. Students who are enrolled in at least 6 but less than 12 credits in a given semester, but otherwise have met the same performance level as those on the Dean’s List, are named to the Merit List.

(NOTE: The above announcement is from Middlesex Community College.)

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