LETTER TO THE EDITOR: State Rep. Candidate Mike McCoy Does What He Says He’s Going To Do

Dear Editor,

I am a resident of North Wilmington. My husband and I recently moved to this neighborhood 11 months ago.

We loved the neighborhood at first — great location, close to the highway, and great neighbors.

Two weeks after we move in, we learn that a developer wants to build a detox center right across the street from us. We were devastated. We still are.

We joined this group called “Concerned Citizens of Wilmington” (CCOW), which is where we met Selectman Mike McCoy. He is the only elected official in this town that truly cares about how we feel and is working towards a solution.

Selectman McCoy goes above and beyond everyday, since Day 1, for our cause to stop this facility from moving right into our neighborhood, changing our safety and quality of life.

Mr. McCoy created Article 2 — a new bylaw that states medical facilities need to be zoned industrial, opening vast amounts of land to house these detox and medical facilities. He pushed relentlessly to get a Special Town Meeting. We all went down to Market Basket to collect signatures. We had over 1600 when all was said in done. Article 2 overwhelmingly passed. The AG agreed with his article as well.

Selectman McCoy has been the #1 elected official in driving our cause and supporting us. My husband and I can not show enough gratitude to have a politician who actually does what he says he’s going to do! He comes through for us time and time again. We endorse him wholeheartedly and without reservation.

Kim (and Shane) McNeeley

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