SELECTMEN NEWS: Big Issues To Be Discussed At Tonight’s Meeting (August 13)

WILMINGTON, MA — The Wilmington Board of Selectmen meets this Monday, August 13, 2018 at 7pm at Town Hall (Room 9).

There are some noteworthy items on the agenda, including:

  • The Selectmen will meet with the School Committee to appoint a resident to fill the current vacancy on the School Committee. Jesse Fennelly, Jo Newhouse, and Scott Trach are the three candidates.
  • Wilmington Youth Services Librarian Barbara Raab will present a proposal to install a Story Walk at Rotary Park.
  • Town Manager Jeff Hull will update Selectmen on the Finance Committee holding a special meeting this week to discuss the fire department’s overtime budget.
  • Town Manager Jeff Hill will update Selectmen on a meeting with the Board of Library Trustees to consider a feasibility study for the Wilmington Library.
  • Town Manager Jeff Hull will update Selectmen on how the town will address future tax increment financing (TIF) proposals.
  • Town Manager Jeff Hull will update Selectmen on the town’s contract with Russell Disposal.
  • Town Manager Jeff Hull will announce the appointment of Assistant Town Planner Sierra Pelletier.
  • Town Manager Jeff Hull will discuss potential state funding for North Wilmington Commuter Station work.
  • Town Manager Jeff Hull will update Selectmen on the status of the National Grid lockout.
  • Selectmen will consider adopting and signing a proclamation that September 2018 be declared “Revive Civility Month” in the Town of Wilmington.
  • Selectmen will consider signing the warrant for the State Primary Election on September 4.
  • Selectmen will consider signing a contract for Special Counsel Services.
  • Selectmen will consider the request of a resident to hold at birthday party at Rotary Park.

An Executive Session precedes the meeting at 6pm. Topics covered will include Sciarappa Farm and collective bargaining. A second Executive Session, involving contract negotiations on Town Manager Jeff Hull’s next contract, may follow the meeting.

The meeting will be telecast live by Wilmington Community Television on WCTV-G — Channel 22 on Comcast and Channel 38 on Verizon.  The meeting will also be streamed on WCTV’s website HERE.

Wilmington Apple intends to report on each of the items above – and any other news that comes from the meeting — over the next two weeks. Wilmington Apple sometimes live-tweets the meeting HERE.

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5 thoughts

  1. Jesse Fennelly deserves this seat, he ran for it this past April. Running for the seat shows a huge interest. I hope our Selectmen makes the right choice, yes there are great candidates but I feel strongly that Mr. Fennelly will be the best choice. Please put all political ties aside.

  2. I am beyond disappointed with our current selectman. Wilmington, it’s time to vote for residents who are not part of this current group.

  3. What is there to be disappointed about? There was an open seat and 3 qualified people stepped forward to fill it. Sounds like a great problem to have. Only one person can fill the seat and yes one of the candidates ran the last race, but it doesn’t diminish the merits of the other 2. Ms. Newhouse has her own impressive resume from what I can tell based on what has been written and published. I can’t speak for her or her family nor would I, but she has her own thing going on with all of her work on the SEPAC and volunteering for a host of other things in town over the years that she doesn’t need political ties for in order to earn this seat. It’s disrespectful to imply otherwise as she is very capable and deserving of this appointment on based on her own record in the town.

    As a side, this is why people don’t bother to volunteer because they get criticized when they do for one reason or another. It wasn’t that long ago when the Town of Wilmington couldn’t get anyone to run for anything. I wish Ms. Newhouse well and I hope she makes a believer out of all who choose to criticize, condemn and complain rather than thanking someone for stepping up and making a volunteer commitment to a town she clearly cares about!

    1. Exactly. Jo is a perfect fit for this. She is well educated, knows the needs of our children/grandchildren and has offered her knowledge to our town. We should be grateful. Congrats to her!

    2. I am not saying Mrs. Newhouse is not qualified. She is! I’m just looking at the whole thing. Seems more like a political vote than anything.

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