5 QUICK QUESTIONS with Wilmington Writer Mark Ryan

WILMINGTON, MA — Below are five quick questions with Wilmington writer Mark Ryan.


Ryan is a member of one of the Wilmington Memorial Library’s writing groups. Ryan contributed to the groups’ brand new anthology, “The Writers Next Door.”

A book launch event is taking place on Monday, August 20 at 7pm at the Wilmington Memorial Library. At the launch, the book’s writers will participate in a panel discussion and a book selling/signing. Refreshments will be served. All proceeds from book sales will be donated to Friends of the Library.

#1) What is the story you contributed to the anthology called? What is it about? Why did you write it?

The book “The Writers Next Door” is an anthology of poems, and prose of fiction and nonfiction. Ten writers contributed different parts.

My story is fiction and is titled “The Mysterious Baghdad Battery.” It is part of a series called “The Adventures of the Romeo Gang” (Ten Short Stories), available on Amazon.com under “Mark Ryan.” The Romeo Gang (Retired Old Men Eating Out) are retired school teachers who meet each month for lunch. After eating in a Portuguese Restaurant, they visit the Harvard Museum of Archeology where an artifact has been stolen. It turns out to be a piece of pottery that was once a battery and a mysterious time-machine. They follow the thief back in time to the Pyramid days and try to recover the battery. I got the idea from eating lunch with the real Romeos at a restaurant in Cambridge near the museum.

#2) Why did you join the library’s Writing Group? Do you find it beneficial?

I joined the Writers group several years ago to share my stories with other writers and pointers on how to writer better. Each of the writers has a unique background that helps me identify strengths and weakness in my writing and how to make it better.

#3) Have you written anything else outside the group? Where can my readers find your other works?

I have written several books all self-published which are available on Lulu.com and Amazon.com. All are works of fiction where I let my imagination take me. You can find out more about me and my writing at my website: http://markryanbooks.com. I also produce a podcast called Marks Musings at WCTV here in Wilmington at http://wctv.org/podcast.

#4) What advice would you give to other aspiring Wilmington writers?

If you like to write, do it every day. The joy of writing is for your own self worth and gratification. You may never make a lot of money but the joy comes from your accomplishment.

#5) What are you looking forward to the most regarding the Book Launch Event on August 20?

I hope the Book Launch will provide an avenue for the contributors to show their works and demonstrate their creativity to the town and beyond. There are so many talented writers in the group who deserve the opportunity to share their creativity with others.

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