LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Wilmington & Tewksbury Will Be Well Served With Kratman As State Rep

Dear Editor,

Please accept this letter of support for Mark Kratman for State Representative in the Democratic Primary election on September 4, 2018.

We have been residents of Tewksbury for 23 years, my husband and I have raised our family here, he volunteer coached several town sports over the years while our children went thru the school system. I currently serve on the Cable Advisory Committee, a member of the Tewksbury Finance Committee and Treasurer of the Tewksbury Lions Club.

I met Mark Kratman several years ago when Tewksbury had committee openings and the Board of Selectman held the Interviews at Town Hall. It was my first foray into serving the community after retiring and I recall leaving there thinking I was impressed with Mark for several reasons. He was responsive interviewing me, addressed me directly and he responded with clarity back to me. I could tell his attention to detail, issues and expectations were spot on.

Since then, we have witnessed firsthand multiple times that Mark has shown dedication to the community, talking to his constituents, getting to the heart of issues, solving problems that can be handled at various levels of government. His willingness to continuously work hard on each venture he encounters is admirable and one that will bode well with the responsibilities of State Representative. I believe his participation in community and state projects has assisted in several key projects to be implemented increasing local business.

Mark’s passion and investment in serving the residents while balancing work and family has set a solid base for Mark to make higher contributions to our Towns. His strong positions on Senior, Veteran and affordable housing show his commitment to the working families. His knowledge of the infrastructure of our towns combined with smart growth will help us build a better community future. Wilmington and Tewksbury will be well served with Mark Kratman State Representative.


Donna and Michael Higgins

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One thought

  1. This man committed voter fraud. For 11 years. What worthwhile person would ever back him after that came to light? The authors of this letter should be ashamed of themselves.

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