LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Selectman Ed Loud Endorses Judy O’Connell For State Rep

Dear Wilmington and Tewksbury neighbors,

We have an awesome responsibility to elect a new State Representative, starting with the primaries on September 4th 2018.

This is an opportunity to elect someone who will and should be an independent thinker, who cares for all the people she represents.

Judy O’Connell has a proven record of service and skills. As a teacher and a elected member of the School Committee in Wilmington, she has first hand knowledge of the needs of students, teachers, curriculum and administrators, budgets and procedures. This will be very helpful knowledge as our next State Representative.

Judy also was an elected Selectwoman for Wilmington and served as its chairperson, where she has shown her knowledge, patience, cooperation in listening to all with concerns, caring until a good judgment was reached for all the people and the town. These skills will be carried on once she is our next State Representative.

Judy showed her leadership skills on the Yentile Farm Recreation Park. As its chairwoman, she led the committee that ultimately built a great park for all and it was under budget.

I am confidently endorsing Judy O’Connell as our next State Representative, I’m asking you to join me and my family for your support for Judy.

Please vote on September 4th or take out an absentee ballot.

Thank you,

Ed Loud and Family

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4 thoughts

  1. It is laughable to hear Mr. Loud say that the Yentile Farm was under budget. The project was massively over budgeted by over $500,000. What a joke to try to convince voters that there is some kind of fiscal responsibility and savings. I remember that Judy was all right with the field at the Yentile Farm facility only being sized for a field hockey sized field. I was the one who complained that this was inappropriate and that it left out the Pop Warner football program and its kids due to an under sized field. The massive fraudulent phoney over budgeting of many articles at Town Meeting should prompt voters to reject those who have sat on the Board of Selectmen and done nothing to stop the tax payers from being ripped off.

    1. Another inaccurate story as there are football goal posts at the field KEVIN and flag football uses it all the time. I supported a multi-purpose field for field hockey, soccer, lacrosse and football and all of those sports use this field. The appropriation was for $4.8 million and the project came in at approximately $4.4 million which means under budget. The original estimate was almost $6.0 million and we value engineered the budget down. The facility is still in use and people love it from what I hear (well I guess not all people based on your message). We continue to meet multiple times per year to make improvements to the facility which is a great way to ensure this town asset remains successful. These are the facts!

  2. This is like a manila folder getting an endorsement from drying paint. Ed Loud has to be the most boring and ineffective guy out there. Just another walking rubber stamp to increase Wilmington’s spending, a position Judy O’Connell held for a time.

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