BREAKING NEWS: Here Is What’s Going In At The Old Sonic Location…

WILMINGTON, MA – What is going in at the old Sonic location (220 Main Street)? 17 months after the restaurant’s closure, we finally have the answer.

Valerie Gingrich, Wilmington’s Director of Planning & Conversation, has confirmed that NOURIA ENERGY RETAIL, INC. is proposing a CAR WASH for the much-talked-about location.

The project’s engineer Richard L. Williams, P.E., of Williams & Sparages, will be presenting plans to the town’s Community Development Technical Review Team on Monday, July 23 at 9:30am in Room 9 of Town Hall.

The engineer will also be in front of the town’s Planning Board for a public hearing regarding site plan review and a stormwater management permit on Tuesday, August 7 at 8:45pm in Room 9 of Town Hall.

A copy of the plan is on file at the town’s Planning and Conservation Department and may be inspected when Town Hall is open, 8:30am to 4:30pm, Monday through Friday.

“[The proposal] is just a car wash; there will no gas station,” added Gingrich.

According to its website, Nouria Energy Retail Inc. is one of New England’s largest family-owned and operated conventicle fuel operators. Nouria supplies more than 225 gas stations throughout New England operating under the Shell, Irving, Gulf, Sunoco, Valero, private and unbranded brands.

Founded in 1989, the company’s portfolio includes 25 car washes located throughout Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine. Current Massachusetts locations include Auburn, Bradford, Gardner, Lynn, Oxford, and West Boylston, plus three in Worcester, where its corporate headquarters is located.

Wilmington has an existing car wash — TritonWash Car Wash at 581 Main Street — located 1.2 miles from the site being eyed by Nouria Energy.

This news comes on the heels of the recent announcement that Casa Blanca Mexican Restaurant will be opening, likely in September, at the former Chili’s location at 207 Main Street. In addition, a Sprint Store just celebrated its Grand Opening last weekend at the former Radio Shack location (260 Main Street) inside the Wilmington Plaza.

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9 thoughts

  1. Seriously… there is a day care right behind this location. I would be concerned if my child/grandchild went there. This is absurd!

    1. It’s a proposal, but the proposed use is permitted under the zoning bylaws. As long as the applicant agrees to follow the conditions of the Planning Board, it will pass.

      1. SERIOUSLY!!! You know, We already have Titan’s car wash about a quarter of a mile down the street.
        Wilmington is becoming a real joke.
        Good place for you to get your car washed and grab a coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts but that’s about it!!! Do these people on the planning board live in Wilmington…I think not!!!

  2. This is really unfortunate and disappointing. Wilmington already has a car wash and there are so many others in close proximity. Of course Nouria wants to put one there, it will grab traffic from 129, 38, and 62. It’s a smart well thought out money making opportunity for Nouria, but poor choice for our town. I am really surprised that our Town Manager and Selectman are allowing something like this to occur. Wilmington is touted as one of the best family places to live and a great place to raise our children. This is supposed to be a wonderful community that retains its country New England charm and historical roots while smartly building for the future. It’s a place my wife and I handpicked to start a family. I love living here and am very proud to be from Wilmington. I’ll put it against any town in the state. I don’t mind the taxes raises as long as it truly benefits our town and stays minimal. And I do praise the town for some of their recent choices such as Casa Blanca. But adding a car wash to this prime location is a bad decision. It’s a lose lose for everyone involved, except Nouria. That corridor between Rocco’s and 62 has some great potential. Let’s be smart and add something that’s will bring the families of this town together more. Let’s really look at improving Wilmington’s identity and adding to our Main Street USA.

  3. Kerri, You can’t pick and choose who buys what and what they use it for! At least the lot will look better than it does empty now!!

  4. Not only do you have Triton down the street from this proposed car wash, you have Haffner’s in Tewksbury. We must have a lot of dirty cars in our area to have 3 car washes so close together. This new idea is ridiculous!

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