LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Tewksbury Selectmen Chair Jay Kelly Endorses Mark Kratman For State Rep

Dear Editor,

There are many worthy candidates running for State Representative for the 19th Middlesex District.  Each candidate brings something to the table – different backgrounds, levels of experience, and areas of expertise.  I always say, Democracy = multiple viewpoints.  That said, I do believe that one candidate, Mr. Mark Kratman, has both the State and local experience coupled with far-ranging community outreach that will benefit two great communities, Wilmington and Tewksbury, as the State Representative for the 19th Middlesex District.

Why the support and confidence in Mark Kratman?  I have worked side by side with Mark Kratman for the past 15 months as an elected official in Tewksbury.  I can honestly say that Mark has never pulled any punches. Mark is approachable and works in a very cooperative fashion.  Mark does not play games – ask him a question…he will give you an answer.  Like any two people, we may not always agree, but Mark will provide his thought process as to why and how he has come to a conclusion or decision.

“Experience” is paramount.  Mark has 30 plus years working with towns and city across Massachusetts through his position at Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT). Mark has been a Tewksbury Selectmen for the past three years and running.  It is this [working] experience at the State-level and local-level, which will enable Mark to hit the ground running on Beacon Hill.

As a State Representative, community outreach is an important aspect of the job. From a community perspective, one can say that Mark is incredibly involved.  Mark is out & about in the community seven days a week – rarely missing an opportunity to connect regardless of the venue.

Lastly, with the current disheveled landscape of the “D’s” vs. the “R’s”, I have seen Mark tackle issues with the thought process of…the “people first”, the “party second”.  The “people first”, the “party second” was the standard that our beloved Representative, Jim Miceli, shared with me on a number of occasions.

For all the reasons mentioned above is why I am endorsing Mr. Mark Kratman for State Representative for the 19th Middlesex District.

Jay Kelly

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One thought

  1. A sitting Selectman endorsing a a fellow Selectman candidate for Rep? That seems highly unethical. But I guess conflict of interest doesn’t exist in Tewksbury.

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