STATE REP RACE: Erika Johnson Receives Endorsement From ‘First Ask Of America’

WILMINGTON, MA —  Below is a press release from First Ask of America, announcing its endorsement in the 19th Middlesex State Representative race:

Erika Johnson (D-Wilmington) is running as a First Ask of America candidate for State Representative for the 19th Middlesex District in Massachusetts. First Ask of America supports and recruits pro-choice women to run for office at state and local levels. We support Erika as a new, progressive voice in the legislature. She plans to protect and ensure quality public education for current and future students in the 19th Middlesex District, as well as mitigate the state of Route 38, the road at the heart of her district. Primary Day is September 4, please join her in working to build a safe, accessible, united district.

“When the open State Representative seat presented itself, I received numerous phone calls encouraging me to run including First Ask.  I fully believe in their mission and am honored to be one of 11 women across the country to receive First Ask’s endorsement this election cycle,” said Johnson.

Our core vision at First Ask is to involve women who are qualified candidates for these positions in both the local and federal level by providing them with support, networking and guidance through their journey to further advance their possibilities of obtaining a political position to create change. We are founded by women and supported by women who are, first and foremost, community organizers. We’ve spent countless hours getting to know people and their communities and being inspired by them every step of the way. Time after time, we’ve seen strong, hardworking, progressive women decline to run for office because it seemed too hard, too time-consuming, or because no one they care about ever thought to ask them. First Ask of America recruits and supports pro-choice women running for office.

Primary Day is September 4. Please join Erika Johnson in working to build a safe, accessible, united district.

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