STATE REP RACE Q&A: Judy O’Connell Explains Why She’s Running, Describes Her Political Ideology

WILMINGTON, MA — Wilmington Apple is asking weekly questions to the seven candidates running in contested primaries for the Wilmington/Tewksbury State Representative seat (19th Middlesex).

Below, in her own words, are the responses to this week’s questions from candidate Judy O’Connell (D-Wilmington).

#1) Why do you want to be our State Representative? (submitted by Mary Kiesinger of Wilmington)

I want to be the next State Representative representing the Town of Tewksbury and Wilmington for many reasons. I was fortunate to be born and raised in the Town of Wilmington and began my career in public service based on my desire to give back to a community that has given me so much. For a nine (9) year period, I was fortunate to be elected to the Wilmington School Committee and the Board of Selectmen during which time I am proud of the work that was accomplished based on the collaborative team effort of many volunteers and the town leadership team working on behalf of the Town of Wilmington. Through this work it became obvious to me that I had aspirations to one day take my public service career to the next level at the State House.

With the 19th Middlesex State Representative seat now open, I am excited and invigorated about the prospect of being elected to this position. I have always had a passion for serving others and the public. Also, I believe my diverse personal and professional background make me a uniquely qualified candidate for this position. I would kindly suggest and encourage any resident of the Town of Tewksbury and Wilmington who would like to learn more about me as a State Representative candidate to please visit and review the “About Judy” section which provides some insight regarding my background and my proven track record in public service. Together, we have accomplished many tasks and there is still more work to be done! As a local businesswoman, previously elected School Committee and Board of Selectmen member and volunteer, I remain committed to serving the constituents of the 19th Middlesex District now and in the future.

As it stands today, I believe Wilmington and Tewksbury continue to be two of the most attractive towns in Massachusetts to live in, work in and raise a family. If elected as the next State Representative for the 19th Middlesex District, I promise to serve the constituents I have been entrusted to represent to the best of my ability. If elected, I will be a fiscally conservative and responsible leader who advocates for policy and funding for high quality education, smart economic development at both the residential and commercial levels, education and treatment for the current opioid epidemic, infrastructure maintenance and enhancement, public safety and the highest quality of constituent services possible to name a few. As the next State Representative, I promise to be available, approachable and accountable because to me public service is a privilege and a trust. In closing, it would be my distinct honor to serve and represent the Town of Tewksbury and Wilmington as the next State Representative for the 19th Middlesex District. I look forward to continuing on the campaign trail and I look forward to meeting and talking with as many residents within the 19th Middlesex District in the days and weeks ahead as we approach the State Primary on September 4th. Please remember to come out and VOTE for Judy O’Connell for your next State Representative. Thank you!

#2) Do you consider yourself a liberal, conservative or moderate? Please describe your political ideology. (submitted by Danielle Driscoll of Tewksbury)

As a Democratic State Representative candidate for the 19th Middlesex District, I would consider myself to be a moderate leader with a conservative side. If elected as the next State Representative, I will continue to maintain my personal core values and principles and represent my constituents in the same manner I always have as a prior elected School Committee and Board of Selectmen member for the Town of Wilmington while embracing the Town of Tewksbury every step of the way now and in the future. From a political standpoint, I believe in common sense government regardless of political party and I will continue to be well informed on the issues and will consider the feelings and opinions of the constituents I have been elected by and entrusted to represent with every single vote I take. In my efforts to represent both the Town of Tewksbury and the Town of Wilmington, I will advocate for policies and funding at the state level that support all aspects of state and local government. As a moderate leader I will continue to support positive core family values, being fiscally responsible and protecting human rights among other things.

(NOTE: Do you have a question for the candidates? Email and it may be asked in a future Q&A or in a debate.)

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