STATE REP RACE: Submit Questions You Want Wilmington Apple To Ask The Candidates

WILMINGTON, MA — Wilmington Apple will be submitting weekly questions to the EIGHT candidates running for the 19th Middlesex District’s State Representative seat over the next 13 weeks, leading up to the Primary Election on Tuesday, September 4.

Wilmington Apple will share each candidate’s responses, in their own words, unfiltered.

What questions would YOU like to see Wilmington Apple ask the candidates? Email, message Wilmington Apple on Facebook, or tweet to Wilmington Apple on Twitter. You’ll receive a ‘shout out’ if your question is used.

Wilmington Apple will also conduct 1-on-1 interviews with each candidates, as well as continue to run campaign press releases, campaign announcements, candidate op-eds, and supporters’ letters to the editor as they’re submitted.

As it has in recent town elections, Wilmington Apple hopes to participate in any debates or “Meet The Candidates Nights” being planned individually or collectively by Wilmington and Tewksbury’s news outlets. Wilmington Apple will not be planning its own events for candidates, unless other outlets’ plans fall through.

Wilmington Apple will continue its practice of NOT endorsing candidates.

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One thought

  1. Would You, like Rep Miceli introduce legislation to reinstate the Death Penalty?

    Do you Support or Oppose making Massachusetts a Sanctuary State?

    Do you Support or Oppose the Fair Share Amendment?

    Do you Support or Oppose H.B. 1926, The We The People Act?

    Do you Support or Oppose a toll tax for Rt.128 and/or Rt.93?

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