WHS SCHOLARSHIP NIGHT: 105 Graduating Seniors Receive $165,000 In Scholarships

WILMINGTON, MA — Wilmington High School held its annual Academic Awards & Scholarship Night on Friday, June 1 in the WHS Gymnasium.

The nearly 3-hour ceremony saw $165,000 in scholarships handed out to 105 graduating seniors.

“This is a very special event we hold every year as we recognize our most well-deserving students for their outstanding commitment to academics, their dedication to school and community, and their proud demonstration of true Wildcat spirit,” WHS Principal Linda Peters told the crowd.

“We’re so proud of these students. Not only did they meet the expectations and challenges that their high school experience presented, but they’ve achieved above and beyond, both inside and outside the classroom,” continued Peters. “We’re here tonight to commend them for their work ethic, academic achievement, and being individuals of outstanding character.”

“You’re so fortunate to have grown up in a community that prides itself on giving back,” Peters told the seniors. “Some day, you may have an opportunity to give back to this very community that has provided you so much.”

Businesses which presented scholarships included: Action Ambulance; Align Credit Union; Analog Devices; HUB International; interlinkONE; Lahey Health; Lowell Five Savings Bank; and Warner Babcock Institute For Green Chemistry, along with the Wilmington-Tewksbury Chamber of Commerce.

Community groups which presented scholarships included: American Legion Post 136; Disabled American Veterans Auxiliary Unit 110; Friendship Masonic Lodge; Sole Sisters Running Club; Tewksbury/Wilmington Elks; Wilmington Community Fund; Wilmington Community Television; Wilmington Democratic Town Committee; Wilmington Kiwanis Club; Wilmington Rotary Club; Wilmington Sons of Italy Jr. Lodge; Wilmington VFW Post 2458; Wilmington Women’s Club; and We’re One Wilmington.

Sports organizations which presented scholarships included: Wilmington Beyond TOPS; Wilmington Boosters Club; Wilmington Little League; Wilmington Touchdown Club; Wilmington Youth Hockey; Wilmington Youth Soccer; and Wilmington Pop Warner.

School organizations which presented scholarships included: WHS CATS; WHS Medical Careers Club; WHS World Cultures Club; Wilmington Band Parents & Friends; Wilmington School-Business Partnership; Wilmington Strings Attached; and Wilmington Teachers Association.

The Town of Wilmington, Town’s Veterans Department, Town’s Elderly Services Department, Wilmington Firefighter Union, Wilmington Police Association; and Wilmington Police Patrol Union also provided scholarships.

Scholarships were offered in memory of: Tony Alonardo; Anthony Barletta; Joanne Benton; Joyce Brisbois; Laura Caira; Doug Chernovetz; George Cogan; Janet Coulouris; Christopher Crosby; Lawrence Cushing; Bob & Peg Dicey; Jonathan Fish; Kim Forte; Kimberly Jean Hall; Leo & Helen Harrington; Audrey Harrison; Don Jones; Frank Kelley; John Lucci, Sr.; Officer John Maguire; Kelli Murray; Kevin Nolan; Justin Andrew O’Neil; Carl Olsen; Claire & Herb Peterson; Ring Family; Jason Stevenson; E.H. Stuart; Barry & Marry Stuzell; Jay Sullivan; Sylvia Weiner; Hugh Wiberg; and Jack Wolfe.

Academic Excellence Awards

The Wilmington High School faculty also announced the top seniors in each department. Award winners included:

  • Business: Nolan Kane
  • English: Jesse Valente
  • Family & Consumer Science: Krista Brown
  • Health Dynamics: Bobby Lord
  • Math: Aditya Gautham
  • Science: Aditya Gautham
  • Social Studies: Joana Xing
  • Technology: Adele Burton
  • Visual Arts: Kendia Nerestant
  • World Languages: Brianna Ferreira

Zoe Marzi, Mia O’Connell, and Anna Pietropaolo received High Honors on the National Latin Exam. Vittorio Iocco (silver) and Aditya Gautham (bronze) received medals in the National Spanish Exam. Fariha Haque received an award from the Massachusetts Foreign Language Association.

Fariha Haque was awarded the Paul Revere Bowl. Mia O’Connell, Marissa Lagrasso, and Adam Doucette received Marine Corp Student Awards. Jessica Moore received the Joanne Benton Dear Soldier Letter Award from iPods for Wounded Veterans.

Principal Linda Peters also revealed the class’s final Top 10 rankings:

#10) Dina Singh
#9) Andrew Almedia
#8) Mia O’Connell
#7) Thomas Hogan
#6) Jesse Valente
#5) Gillian Lentini
#4) Zoe Marzi
#3) Fariha Haque
#2) Aditya Gautham
#1) Vittorio Iocco

[Editor’s Note: Wilmington Apple apologizes for any misspellings. I was working strictly from what I *think* I heard and did not have a list of awards, scholarships or recipients.]

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