Town Manager Praises Town’s Tree Department For Impressive Storm Cleanup, ‘Extraordinary’ Cost Savings

WILMINGTON, MA — At a recent Board of Selectmen Meeting, Town Manager Jeff Hull publicly praised Town Tree Foreman Scott Smith and his team for their recent performance in response to storms on March 2, March 8, and March 13.

According to Hull, Smith’s efforts has “propelled Wilmington to be one of the first communities to reach substantial cleanup, and with one of the lowest outside contractual costs to complete the job.”

Wilmington’s DPW has logged over 320 reports of downed or hanging trees and limbs as a result of the storm conditions since March 3.

“It is my understanding that, aside from overtime costs, contractual costs associated with this cleanup effort have, to date, totaled a mere $1,550.00,” said Hull. “Given the extraordinary costs absorbed by other communities as a result of these storms — some which totaled over $100,000 — this achieved cost savings is simply extraordinary.”

“The Town of Wilmington is lucky to have such dedicated and talented tree care professionals on staff as part of daily operations,” added Hull. “The value of tree work that [Smith’s] team was able to accomplish in-house and thus save the Town money is an accomplishment that shall not go unnoticed. This is a testament to how important it is to have qualified arborists on staff as part of the DPW’s organization.”

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One thought

  1. Can we take a moment, please, to acknowledge the several trees on town-owned land which were taken care of by homeowners through their own pockets? You are welcome, by the way…

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