SCHOOL COMMITTEE NEWS: Broussard Named Chair, Bryson Named Vice Chair, Kane Named Secretary

WILMINGTON, MA — At its meeting Wednesday night, the Wilmington School Committee conducted its annual reorganization of officers.

On a motion from Peggy Kane, Julie Broussard was elected Chair. The vote was 6-1, with MJ Byrnes abstaining.  Broussard previously served as Chair in 2016-2017. Outgoing Chair Steve Bjork did not seek re-election to the chairmanship.

On a motion from Steve Bjork, Jennifer Bryson was elected Vice Chair. The vote was 7-0.

On a motion from MJ Byrnes, Peggy Kane was elected Secretary. The vote was 7-0. Byrnes was originally nominated by Tom Talbot, but longtime member Peggy Kane, who is serving in the final year of her final term on the Committee, requested the position. She expressed a desire to leave the Committee in the same position she started it with 18 years ago.

The School Committee also finalized its Subcommittee Assignments for the following year:

  • Policy Subcommittee: Peggy Kane, Jennifer Bryson, Steve Bjork, MJ Byrnes (alternate)
  • Sick Bank Subcommittee: Peggy Kane & Steve Bjork
  • Superintendent Evaluation Subcommittee: Julie Broussard, Jennifer Bryson, Tom Talbot
  • School Committee Representative to WEF: David Ragsdale
  • School Committee Representative to WPS Wellness Advisory Committee: MJ Byrnes
  • School Committee Representative to SEPAC: David Ragsale & Jennifer Bryson (alternate)
  • School Committee Executive Sessions Committee: Julie Broussard
  • School Committee Legislative Representative: MJ Byrnes
  • School Committee Handbook/Protocol Committee: Peggy Kane, MJ Byrnes, Tom Talbot
  • Town Masters Facilities Master Plan Committee (likely disbanding): Tom Talbot
  • School Committee Family Communications & Relations Committee: TBA
  • Contract Negotiation Team with Nurses: MJ Byrnes & Jennifer Bryson
  • Contract Negotiation Team with Administrative Assistants: Peggy Kane & David Ragsdale

(NOTE: Cover photo, which was taken two years ago, courtesy of Ginny Bonish.)

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One thought

  1. As compared to Board of Selectmen meetings, the School Committee members sure do talk like bobble heads / robots. Much less lively and reality TV show like, even through the midst of the DeLai and Altieri media fiascos.

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