TIME TO STEP UP? Town Manager & Selectmen Make Appointments To Town Boards & Committees, Several Vacancies Remain

WILMINGTON, MA — At its latest meeting, the Wilmington Board of Selectmen and Town Manager announces a slew of appointments and reappointment to various town boards, committees and positions, including:

  • Animal Control Officer (1 year): Christopher Sullivan
  • Board of Appeals (5 year): Dan Veerman
  • Board of Registrars (3 year): Mary Osgood (NEW)
  • Council for the Arts (2 year): Louise Anderson, Ruth Camber (NEW), and Jane Crane
  • Fence Viewers (1 year): Town Engineer Paul Alunni and Building Inspector John Spaulding
  • Constables: Barbara Calla, Jason Costa, Eric Randall, John Bridges Jr., Paul Bruce Jr., Ronald DiGigorio, Dennis Otis, William Peppacelli, Anthony Saya
  • Historical Commission (3 years): Kathleen Delaney & Diane Harvey
  • Permanent Building Committee (3 years): Diane Allan and Paul Melaragni
  • Animal Inspector (1 year): Christopher Sullivan
  • Building Inspector (1 year): John Spaulding (Alternate: Michael Desmond)
  • Carter Lecture Fund Committee (3 year): Ann Berghaus and Ann St. Onge
  • Cemetery Commission (3 year): Jack Cushing (NEW)
  • Conservation Commission (3 year): Vincent Licciardi & Laurie Finn
  • Elderly Services Commission (3 year): Mary D’Eon & Charlotte DeMarco
  • Electrical Inspector (1 year): Frederick Sutter (Alternate: Arthur Kelley)
  • Gas Inspector (1 year): Paul Raffi (Alternative: John Mytech)
  • Board of Health (3 year): Jane Williams
  • Library Trustees (3 year): Dan Hall and Kathleen Delaney (NEW)
  • Planning Board (5 year): Terry Boland
  • Plumbing Inspector (1 year): Paul Raffi (Alternate: John Mytech)
  • Public Weigher (1 year): Paul Anderson and Davie Sughrue
  • RMLD Citizens Advisory Board (3 year): George Hooper
  • Recreation Commission (3 year): Shelia Burke and Laurie Robarge
  • Trustees of Trust Fund (3 year): Michael Morris, Penny Dudley, Pamela Mackenzie
  • Veterans Agent (1 year): Lou Cimaglia
  • Veterans Grave Officer (1 year): Lou Cimaglia
  • Water & Sewer Commissioner: Robert LaVita
  • Wiring Inspector: Frederick Sutter (Alternative: Arthur Kelley)


Due to the election of Jonathan Eaton to the Board of Selectmen, the Finance Committee also has a vacancy. The town is accepting applications from interested individuals who would like to join.  Letters of interest, or a completed application for appointment, may be dircted to the Finance Committee Appointing Committee, 121 Glen Road, Wilmington, no later than 4:30 p.m. on Friday, May 25, 2018. The Finance Committee members aren’t appointed by the Town Manager or Selectmen, but rather an appointing committee consisting of the Selectmen Chair, Finance Committee Chair, and Town Moderator.

Town Manager Jeff Hull pointed out that the town’s Commission on Disabilities has three current vacancies. Some of the open seats have restrictions. For example, for one, the holder must have a handicap or have a family member who has a handicap. Contact the Wilmington Town Manager’s Office to learn more about these vacancies, which will be posted online.

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