BREAKING NEWS: Election Results Are In — Eaton For Selectmen, Ragsdale & Byrnes For School Board & Peterson For Moderator

WILMINGTON, MA — The voters have spoken!  Below are the unofficial results of the Wilmington’s 2018 Annual Town Election.  These numbers were announced moments ago by the Town Clerk Sharon George. The numbers will be officially certified on Monday.  Winners are bolded in red.

Contested Races:

Board of Selectmen (1 seat, 3-year term)

  • Jonathan Eaton — 1,449
  • Rob Fasulo — 1,105

Wilmington School Committee (2 seats, 3-year term)

  • MJ Byrnes (incumbent) — 1,675
  • David Ragsdale — 1,325
  • Jesse Fennelly — 926

Wilmington Town Moderator (1 position, 3-year term)

  • Rob Peterson Jr. (incumbent) — 2,152
  • Kevin MacDonald — 419

Uncontested Races:

Shawsheen Tech School Committee (1 seat, 3-year term)

  • Jim Gillis (incumbent) — 2,102

Wilmington Housing Authority (1 seat, 5-year term)

  • Robert DiPasqaule (incumbent) — 2,061

Turnout was a little over 2600. “Slow and steady, but more steady towards the end…. I was happy with the turnout. We did better this Annual Election than last year.” — Town Clerk Sharon George

Tomorrow: Look a full recap on Wilmington Apple tomorrow!

Wilmington’s Hannah Bryson holding signs for the winning candidates earlier today outside the Boutwell Early Childhood Center. (Courtesy Photo)

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4 thoughts

  1. Wow they called it for the establishment candidate before the votes were counted.

    Amazing that they know the results already, wonder why any of us peons bothered to vote.

    1. Yes, sorry I published a few minutes prematurely. We had the 6 precinct totals, so we knew the winners, just not the final tally. Can’t do math, plus tweet, plus talk on TV, plus interview the candidates, at the same time. No conspiracy.

  2. They should just let us know to stay home for the town meeting. The fix is in. Anyone who thought that the Sciarappa Farm won’t end up as a 700+ unit low incoming housing development – keep dreaming.

    The e$tabli$ment $electmen all claim to be opposed to it but won’t do anything to stop it and are already counting the developer $$.

    Can’t wait for the new tax overrides to pay for the thousand+ new kids in the schools, the new water and sewer lines, the new fire substation etc… 10’s of millions of dollars for us in new taxes coming!

    The builder will make out like a bandit with no selectmen opposing… the $electmen I am sure will do well.

    Us voters… not so much.

  3. Well I am so glade Wilmington love their taxes going up each year yes you voted for people who only think of their selves none of these politicians think about your pockets or you taxes only building big homes I live on one of the streets in wilmington no sidewalks cars go 40 or 50 tell the police it’s t like talking to the wall so when you people complain about the taxes think real hard who you voted in good luck.

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