CANDIDATE STATEMENT: Kevin MacDonald Is Running For Town Moderator

Dear Patriotic Fellow Americans in Wilmington,

I am Kevin MacDonald, I am running for the volunteer, non-paid elected position of Town Moderator. I am a lifelong resident of Wilmington. I am an American who believes in upholding the Constitution which is the “supreme law of the land” and defending the liberties of Americans. I am a Christian whose faith moves me to truly understand the meaning of being a nation under God and a person under God. The gift of faith gives me the desire to do what is respectful and just. I will demonstrate strength of character in the position of Moderator so that all of Wilmington will be served in an honorable manner.

The Moderator presides over the Town Meeting which is the legislative body of the Town of Wilmington. The Moderator is charged with maintaining order and decorum, deciding questions of order, recognizing members and giving them liberty to speak, and making public declarations of votes. The secure Moderator is one who regulates the proceedings of the Town Meeting in conformity with accepted parliamentary procedures, and leaves concerns of law to the Town Counsel. A prudent, informed Moderator, aware of litigation potential, must confine his rulings to the conduct of the meeting; a wise Moderator also warns of the potential legal problems that could follow a proposed action.

I am running for this office because I truly believe that I can improve the Town Meeting and offer an approach that is professional, informative, and respectful toward the civil rights of every legal participant. I believe there has been a lack of vision and wisdom which has led to inappropriate treatment, and the disrespect of town meeting voters.

I intend to implement a plan of organization and business order that is considerate of our speakers, especially the elderly, and the physically challenged citizens. There will no longer be a lengthy stand and wait line. Numbers will be issued to those desiring to voice their views of the issues.  I will propose an “on deck circle,” with a chair for the next numbered speaker to sit, awaiting his or her turn. I am open to utilizing any methods to improve the comfort and orderly operation of Town Meeting. I plan to survey and coordinate relevant information about town issues for the purpose of initiating substantive discussions of our citizen’s needs and concerns. My commitment to uphold and defend the constitution will ensure your right to free speech is protected.

I am pledging to serve the community and Town Meeting voters as a nonpartisan, non-advocate, and nonbiased meeting facilitator. I pledge to run an efficient Town Meeting that is open, fair, and informative. I pledge to make you feel welcome to get up, speak, and offer your perspective and ideas that are germane to the article at hand. You will not have your civil rights violated. I pledge to encourage and promote more equitable participation in debating the issues at the Town Meeting. You will no longer be talked to in a condescending disrespectful manner. Fraudulent over budgeting and fraudulent over taxation will not be protected from debate challenge. All citizen concerns will be open for examination, respectful accommodation and resolution. Please pray for and vote for Kevin MacDonald on April 28, 2018 and help cultivate an atmosphere that puts “the people” in charge of democracy, promoting honest and progressive actions.

Kevin MacDonald

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