LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Town Moderator Candidate Kevin MacDonald Discusses Opioid Crisis

Dear Wilmington Voters,

As a Candidate for the position of Moderator, I would like to inform the community that a rezoning article needs a 2/3 vote rather than a simple majority. It would also be my responsibility to confer with Town Counsel regarding the potential liability risk to the Town of Wilmington as a result of an action at Town Meeting. If I am elected, Town Meeting voters will be informed of any such risk.

The opioid crisis is not confined to the deaths of the users. The toxic drugs that are on the streets now are so dreadful that (when a child has overdosed and died and the aftermath mess is being cleaned up) mothers are dying as a result of just touching the substances while cleaning. This is so tragic and so sad!

There was a recent congressional opioid hearing with the DEA administrator. The hearing revealed, by using Kermit, West Virginia as an example, that the pharmacy in that town filled prescriptions totaling 2,000,000 doses of opioids. The population of Kermit is 4,000. Is there something wrong with this picture and something to be learned?

Should the Attorney General’s office as well as the Board of Health be concerned about inadequate soils and high water tables at the North Wilmington Site and other sites without sewer? The treatment of patients involving the removal or detoxification of deadly chemicals should be of great concern. I believe for the good of the community and the State, in the absence of sewer and the life threatening risk of chemical contamination to the water table and the aquifer, the Attorney General should consider promoting a safeguard for all. Even sewer going into the ocean is probably still massively contaminated. Would the Tewksbury Hospital grounds be the most logical site to build a state of the art treatment facility? This is a State CRISIS that needs government help. Is a State site not the best location for a solution to a State problem?

Would it be prudent to have the Attorney General’s office investigate our local pharmacy’s prescription compliance? Would her office find any indication that the over prescribing of opioids are making their way into the on-street resale market? Let us have a common sense approach to solving problems. Let us unite as a community and offer a solution that is a winning solution for everyone.

Thank you,

Kevin MacDonald

Kevin MacDonald (Large)

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