STUDENT SPOTLIGHT: 27 Shawsheen Tech Students Inducted Into National Honor Society

BILLERICA, MA — Truth and knowledge. Scholarship. Citizenship. Leadership. Workmanship. Those are the ideals of the National Honor Society that 27 Shawsheen Valley Regional Technical High School students agreed to uphold Wednesday, April 4 during the induction ceremony.

“These 27 new students represent academic and vocational excellence,” said Shannon Becker, advisor to NHS. “I demand a lot from your kids. I am overwhelmed at how good they all are.”

“This is one of the greatest nights of the year,” added Timothy Broadrick, superintendent and director at Shawsheen.

To be nominated for NHS, students need to complete at least 35 hours of community service. According to Becker, students must attain at least a 3.8 grade point average to be considered eligible. Once selected, members must participate in community service activities, maintain an 85 percent or above average in all classes, and exhibit appropriate character, leadership and citizenship qualities.

Jim Marshall, owner of Marshall Auto Body Repair and Painting in Billerica and Shawsheen graduate, spoke at the ceremony, encouraging students to help out in their community.

“Volunteering comes from the heart,” Marshall said. “Volunteering feels good. It is okay to be selfish. It is okay to feel good and do good for other people.”

“You have three things to give: time, talent and treasure,” Marshall added. “Giving back feels good. Givers gain.”

Megan Brown will lead the group next year as president of NHS. “I am looking forward to the journey NHS has brought to us,” Brown said. “I am excited to follow in their footsteps and to make our own prints.”

The following students were inducted into NHS:

From Billerica: Corrina Jarzynka, culinary; Emily Morris, Dental Assisting; Logan Salvi, Drafting; Megan Brown, Health Assisting; Mackenzie Cassidy, Health Assisting; Joseph Bova, Internet; Carly Mota, Internet; Cassidy Bulmer, Medical Lab; Chloe Pelrine, Medical Lab; Nicholas Sachetta, Medical Lab; and Troy Tamis, Plumbing.

From Burlington: Brittney Ananian, Health Assisting; and Daniel Porcaro, HVAC&R.

From Tewksbury: Stephen Basler, Business; Adam Hines, Business; Veronika Bazzinotti, Dental Assisting; Taylor Bellavia, Dental Assisting; Ivana Wisky, Dental Assisting; Marissa Brangiforte, Design and Visual Communications; Michael Reppucci, Electrical; Tamara Hyppolite, Health Assisting; and Christa Davis, Internet.

From Wilmington: Audrey Gendall, Design and Visual Communications; Joshua Marsi, Design and Visual Communications; Michelle Chen, Health Assisting; Samantha Fusco, Health Assisting; and Kendra Prezioso, Medical Lab.

(NOTE: The above press release is from the Shawsheen Tech.)

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