LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Fasulo Will ‘Keep Wilmington A Town’

Dear Editor,

I can’t understand why a voter would want Wilmington to become a city and pay higher taxes?   Folks, our present politicians and town manager are for the special interest and big businesses and not for the town of Wilmington’s interest.

Their last vote at the most recent selectmen’s meeting took away the vote from the people of Wilmington to make a decision about what we should choose to do with the Sharappa Farm.  The vote was 2 for 2 against and one abstention.  One selectman who was “for” then changed his vote “against”. The motion was basically to see if the voters were willing to purchase, receive by gift, take by eminent domain, or let it be sold to whomever they want.  Sounds simple?  Well not for the two selectman who voted to take away that discussion and vote from we the people of Wilmington.

These are the same two selectmen who are also supporting Eaton.  This tells us same old status quo big business and special interest if he’s elected.

I like sitting in my back yard with my family and friends having privacy and enjoying the view.  Why would anyone want to look out at all big complexes abutting our properties?

Building the amount of units proposed and rezoning would only overcrowd our town, our schools and stress our police and fire departments.  Let alone extend our travel times to and from work and miss our kids events because of traffic.

I see two choices in this election.  Residents first or big business and special interest taking our town away from us.  Rob Fasulo is the candidate who is listening and fighting for us, the people.  Please vote with me for Rob Fasulo and keep Wilmington a Town.


Rob Nuzzolo

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3 thoughts

  1. Thank you Rob for your candidacy. You have my vote.

    Do we have a representative democracy where the politicians work for the public good or do they work for bu$ine$$ interests?

    Clearly several town Selectman have stopped representing the people and IMO should be voted out.

    When we moved to Wilmington it was a nice small town with minimum yard sizes but the proposed 689 unit low cost housing project will forever change the character of the community and depress of home prices which will result in increased tax rates for all.

    And don’t get me started about the coming tax overrides for new water/sewer work, new schools (we’re already overcrowded – can’t squeeze in another 1000 or so kids from the projects without building new schools).

    Funny that the Town Manager and Selectman blocked the billboard off 93 that would have provided the town $100,000 per year (increasing over time) with Mr. Hull saying that “I’m not particularly in favor of electronic billboards. It’s really not something I believe quite honestly is in character for the Town.”

    689 low cost housing project right next door to two large tracts of expensive homes is certainly not in the ‘character of the Town’.

    Re-zoning to allow that is absurd if one is logically consistent.

    But politicians (and Town Managers) seem to have no problem not being logical or consistent these days.

    In the case of the billboard – which was blocked – the $100,000 per year was going to flow into the town coffers.

    Wonder where the money from the builder is flowing into?

      1. About what Stac? I present a detailed list of the extra expenses which will require future tax overrides and you dismiss it with a single line.

        Perhaps you are independently wealthy and big tax increases don’t bother you.

        Perhaps you don’t care if the character of the town changes.

        Others do care and we have a clue.

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