LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Fasulo Has The Qualities To Be An Effective Selectman

Dear Editor,

When voting for Wilmington Selectman, I look at a person who will assess the issues and make tough choices and tough decisions for the people they represent.  I don’t want a person who waffles and tells people what they want to hear and then will do nothing.

I look at a person who has a commitment to community.   I don’t want a person who is for special and outside interest.

I want a person who means what they say and who will keep promises to those they represent.  I don’t want a person who spews out sound bites and slogans and will do nothing.

I want a leader.  I don’t want a person without ideals.

I want a person who will keep Wilmington a town.  I don’t want a person who is willing to give into big condo complexes and rezoning making Wilmington a city.

I want a person who doesn’t take campaign donations.  I don’t want a person who takes campaign donations and then owes favors.

I want a person who is transparent.  I don’t want a person who will make back door deals.

I want a person who has the interest of our schools, fire and police.  I don’t want a person who will put stress on these departments because of ramped expansion.

Rob Fasulo has the qualities I’m looking for so I’m supporting him for Selectmen of Wilmington.

Rob Fasulo will be an effective leader when making tough decisions and choices that are best for Wilmington.  Rob is committed to working hard to get things done for the voters of Wilmington.

Steven Contrada

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One thought

  1. Well said!
    Apparently I’m not the only one who sees what’s going on with the current boards and committees and who they tend to endorse and support… Clearly a political “machine” is and has been well entrenched in this town working toward their and their supporters interests….You want an example? Look no further than the recent Global oil truck stop proposal Lucky for the residents Global oil listened to them and withdrew …Only one selectman even spoke up for the residents . To be fair,the board of Selectmen had no say in the approval of this matter,but the rest of the board couldn’t even support their constituents….Because? Well look who lobbied for Global…”The Machine”….That’s just one example. It’s nice to hear a candidate like Rob who will represent “US” the citizen…But if you like where this town is headed…vote for who they endorse.
    My vote is for Rob Fasulo

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