MSPCA-Nevins Farm To Drop Adoption Fees For All Farm Animals Until April 15

METHUEN, MA — During its first ever fee-waived adoptathon for companion horses in 2016, the MSPCA-Nevins Farm placed six equines into new homes and opened up space for other homeless animals in need.  Now the Methuen rescue is set to waive the fee for EVERY farm animal in its care until April 15.

“We want to out-do ourselves, of course,” said equine and farm animal program manager Ellie Monteith, about the ambitious plan to find adoptive homes for the farm’s bourgeoning population of horses, pigs, ducks, chickens and roosters.

The adoptathon kicks off with a special equine showcase in the Nevins Farm indoor riding arena on Saturday, March 31 so prospective adopters can meet the horses available as part of the campaign.

“These fee-waived adoptathons not only surface homes for animals who’ve been with us for, in some cases, several months or even years—they also bring much-needed attention to the plight of homeless farm animals,” said Monteith.

Making Fee-Waived Adoptions a Thing

In the last five years the MSPCA has staged 24 fee-waived animal adoptathons, most focused on small animals like cats and rabbits.  Over 2,400 animals found homes during those campaigns and the Nevins Farm team intends to extend this momentum over the entire menagerie of animal companions still awaiting homes.

“There’s no question that these fee-waived campaigns work: they drive traffic to our adoption centers and command the public’s attention,” said Monteith, who noted that news of last April’s companion horse adoptathon garnered headlines in the press and hundreds of likes and shares across social media.

Right now some 40+ farm animals call Nevins Farm home, including dozens of farm birds, eight pigs, 13 horses and a goat.  “And those numbers can go up at any time because the animal surrender season never quite ends,” added Monteith.

The resources required to care for all the animals are staggering, mostly because of how long farm animals stay on the farm.  Buster the pig, for instance, has lived at Nevins Farm for seven years while Peaches the horse is closing in on four years.  “As much as we love having these animals with us we are very keen to see them find forever homes,” said Monteith.

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(NOTE: The above press release is from the MSPCA.)

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