LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Former School Committee Member Endorses Byrnes & Ragsdale

Dear Wilmington Community Residents,

I have the distinct pleasure of writing my sincere recommendations that Wilmington vote to elect incumbent, MJ Byrnes and newcomer candidate David Ragsdale to the Wilmington School Committee on April 28th.

MJ and I worked together during my tenure on the School Committee and I couldn’t have asked for a better peer.  She is diligent in fulfilling the objectives of her office and insightful in her decision-making, approaching her responsibilities with vigor and going above and beyond to learn all aspects of an issue that may otherwise go unnoticed. MJ understands the community’s needs, and has been an advocate for the groups that support our school endeavors, as I have seen first-hand as a Wilmington Educational Foundation Board member. She is an advocate for special education and an outspoken proponent for educational support funding and legislation at the state level, having served for a number of years as the Committee’s Legislative Liaison. She has worked through administrative turnover and the difficulties that have come with it, and has handled it all with professionalism, sincerity and tenacity. The Board is more diverse and well-rounded with her as a member. She maintains balance within the ranks, and the committee is better as a result; her experience speaks for itself.

Secondly, I wish to recommend David Ragsdale for the second open seat, soon to be vacated by Manny Mulas. I have come to know David in the past few years through our soccer association and I find him to always be a willing volunteer, whose thoughts align with the community mindset of the goals of our community. It is important that the School Committee maintain a fresh perspective and diversity. The Wilmington Schools have been dealt difficult blows with the changes in administration and I feel that David’s experience as an Educational Specialist for the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education can provide the School Committee with a different perspective that can help bring about balance.

Both MJ Byrnes and David Ragsdale bring unique skills to the School Committee and they add another layer of efficacy as the committee continues to work to bring proper leadership back to our schools provide a strength that is deserving of our Wilmington schools.

As a Wilmington community member and parent of school-aged children, I have no excuse not to get out and vote. On April 28th I plan to do just that, with votes for MJ Byrnes and David Ragsdale for School Committee.  I sincerely hope you do as well.


Leslee Quick, DC

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One thought

  1. Did Quick serve on the board with Byrnes at the time of the State grant fiasco, in which the district received a “surprise” grant on behalf of Representative Miceli?

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