LETTER TO THE EDITOR: A Father Endorses His Son For Selectman

Dear Editor,

I am father to Rob Fasulo candidate for Wilmington’s Board of Selectmen. Rob and I recently spoke about why he wanted to run for selectman and he provided me several reasons.

Proposals have been made to build more than 700 condos, and a zoning change from R60 to R20. Residents are concerned with town government, traffic, higher taxes, overcrowded schools and Wilmington becoming more like a city. My son remembered 35 years ago, when we as a family, with a small group of neighbors, worked together to stop a 300+ condo complex in Wilmington. Most people I’ve spoken to don’t want large condo complexes. Wilmington is better off without them. My son has seen that rezoning turns into profits for a few, while hurting so many others. He is not against change, he is against changes which are not good for residents. He wants to be a voice for the people, not for special or outside interests.

Most of what I heard from him focused on community and residents’ needs. Not once did my son say anything about self interest. That’s what our leaders should be about: honest government, for community and for hardworking people in Wilmington. They should not be for those with special or outside interests and big business.

Rob is an honest man, and will do what’s best for the community. Please join me and support Rob Fasulo for selectman: A man committed to community and an honest voice for the people of Wilmington.

Robert Fasulo Sr.

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