OLIN UPDATE: EPA Believes Olin May Claim Aquifer Cannot Be Fully Restored; New England Transrail Review “Stalled”

WILMINGTON, MA — At Monday night’s meeting, Town Manager Jeff Hull provided the Board of Selectmen with an update on the latest developments surrounding the Olin Chemical Superfund site.

Establishing The Contamination Boundaries 

Jim DiLorenzo, the Superfund Project Manager for the Olin site, recently advised the town that EPA continues to require that Olin establish the boundaries of the groundwater contamination.

“While EPA believes that most of the limits of groundwater contamination have been established, questions remain about the boundary of that contamination northeast of the Superfund site,” said Hull. “The Town was provided with correspondence from Olin’s consultant AMEC which describes an updated concept site model and recommends additional steps to investigate the area in an effort to confirm the limits of contamination.

The town’s environmental consultant, GeoInsight, has been tasked with reviewing AMEC’s recommendations and preparing comments, which will be submitted prior to the March 16 deadline.

Additional test wells will be established this spring to draw groundwater samples in an effort to detect NDMA and concentration levels.

“If the limits of contamination are determined, this phase of work could be completed within the next six months,” said Hull. “If elevated samples of NDMA continue to be detected in sample results, then testing beyond six months will continue.”

Olin To File Reports & Requests In Coming Months

Olin is expected to submit the following reports before the end of March:

  • Remedial Investigation for OU3 — This will include a comprehensive evaluation of the nature and extent of groundwater contamination, and a risk assessment for groundwater.
  • Feasibility Study for the Site (OUs 1, 2 and 3) — This will include a comprehensive evaluation of remedial alternatives for all 3 operable units, and is the precursor to EPA proposing a cleanup plan.

DiLorenzo also expects Olin to submit a request before the end of April for a “technical impracticality review.” Olin will claim that the aquifer cannot be fully resorted.

“This submission will be a significant document and will require a major review effort by all parties of interest,” said Hull.

A Note About New England Transrail Proposal

Hull also noted that DiLorenzo had heard that “the New England Transrail EIS (Environmental Impact Statement) review is stalled at the Surface   Board.” DiLorenzo has no information as to why.


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