VIDEO: Wilmington Fire Chief Joe McMahon Officially Sworn In

WILMINGTON, MA — Wilmington Fire Chief Joe McMahon was officially sworn in at a Town Hall ceremony on Monday morning in front of his mother, father, family, friends, and current & former colleagues.

“Joe topped the ticket on the [assessment center] score,” said Town Manager Jeff Hull.  “He has a number of years with the town, having been hired in 1982. He has risen through the ranks and seen everything there is to offer in terms of fire service and emergency management.”

Town Clerk Sharon George swore McMahon in.  McMahon’s father pinned the captain’s medal on his uniform.

“I was all set to retire. I had my date set up. I went to the retirement board. And then I screwed up. I passed the test,” joked McMahon. “Jeff and I have sat across from each other at the bargaining table for a very long time. I think he [promoted] me to have me on this side of the table now.”

McMahon addressed his department: “Without you guys, this would not be possible.  I’ve had more fun that someone should be allowed to have in a lifetime working at that station…. I’ve been honored to work with the people I have over the years and I’m even more honored to work with them now.  My job could not be done without the help of you guys.  As a lieutenant, I was proud to work with you guys.  As a chief, I’m even prouder…. You guys are a class act.  I’m so looking forward to working with you.  I won’t disappoint you.”

McMahon also thanked several of his former colleagues, including Gerry Duggan, Dan Stewart, and John Brown.

Watch the 10-minute ceremony, courtesy of Wilmington Community Television, below:

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