LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Cimaglia Endorses Eaton For Selectman

To my fellow residents of Wilmington,

One of the hallmarks of our great community is its sense of volunteerism. I have been saying that for years. When one looks around, you cannot help but see people giving of their time, talents, and resources for the benefit of others. It is one of the things that I love the most about the town. As I consider this year’s local elections, this mindset of volunteerism, of giving back and selflessness helps me identify the candidates I will choose to support and endorse.

This year, for the office of Selectman, the choice is an easy one for me, and I would suggest for all of us. Through my years of service to the town as its Veteran Service Officer, I have had the good fortune to get to know Jonathan Eaton in his role as a member of the Wilmington Finance Committee, a volunteer position. Jonathan has always approached his review of the budget with a careful eye, asking appropriate questions and being mindful of where each department’s budget fits into the larger strategy and direction of the town as a whole. Jonathan has always been very supportive of the Veteran’s Agent office and of the work that we do to support our local Servicemen and woman, both active and Veteran.

I know Jonathan to be a man of great integrity. He is a hard worker who grew up here in Wilmington and has chosen to raise his family here. Family is an important part of his life, as it is so many of us. In addition, Jonathan’s volunteerism stretches beyond his role on the Finance Committee. He has been an active member of the local Rotary organization, raising awareness and funds for many worthy causes including ALS, Hope Lodge, Scholarships, and more. Jonathan’s honesty, hard-working, intelligent, and calm demeanor are exactly what is needed on our Board of Selectmen.

I hope that all registered voting residents of Wilmington will join me on election day, April 28th, and cast your vote for Jonathan Eaton for Selectman.

Lou Cimaglia

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